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T&T Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene is calling on T&T Pro League teams to adopt a more professional attitude. The former strike squad player believes that there is significant room for improvement.

According to Skeene the moves by the T&T Pro League to take over the management of the Super League and implement promotion and demotion will require teams to take a closer look at their rosters .

"I don't think any team wants to be demoted from the Pro League so the battle will be on. On the other hand Super league teams will want to earn promotion".

Skeene said that Professional football is not only about getting paid to play the game. It requires a professional approach to getting fit, improving skills etc. He urged the players and coaches to embrace that concept. The former National women's coach highlighted another important aspect as being the attitude to the fans, officials and the media.

In 2006 the T&T Pro League's goal is to improve the experience for the fans, players and media. "In this regard we have major surprises in store".

Skeene will be meeting with the Pro League teams to address among other things the importance of the youth league.

"To many of the clubs see the youth structure as a burden. Manchester Utd., AC Milan etc will tell you that youth development is an important and integral investment for a professional football club".

The 2006 Pro League season starts on April 8th.