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1. Where do you currently practice your trade?

TMK. I currently play with Charleston Battery in the USL 1st division (better known as the A-League).

2. I have been following your progress in the A-League with Charleston and I realize that you usually come off the bench. Is there a particular reason for this?
TMK. Yes, of course. It’s up to the coaching staff. We have 3 strikers available and they make their decision on who would start. The line up is out of my control. All I could do is keep training hard.

3. What major clubs did you play for while in Trinidad?
TMK. I played for W-Connection football club for about 2 years. During that time I was given the opportunity to play with the under 20 team who were eventual national champions in 1999, as well as, the professional team.

4. You have experience playing both professionally in Trinidad and the United States. Which level do you consider to be higher and why?
TMK. It would be difficult to say which league has a higher standard because they both play two different style of football. Personally, I think both leagues have their pros and cons.

5.  Do you see yourself playing professional in Trinidad in the short run?
TMK. I would like to play in Trinidad sometime in my career because I think it can only help the league when players as myself make the sacrifice to play in the T&T pro-league, despite the financial dis-incentive a player may encounter. This can only help the league to grow to where we would like to see it one day.

6. You and Silvio Spann have been on trials with Perugia of the Seria A in Italy. How was that experience and what was the eventual outcome of the trial?
TMK. It was a memorable experience. I went to the trials with a painful ankle injury and made the best out of the opportunity. It was very exciting to practice on the same field with Italian international Marco Materazzi, Brazilian international Jose’ Marcelo Ze Maria and South Korea wonder boy Ahn Jung-Hwan. The Perugian staff, although please with my performance, had other plans in mind.

7. What do you think of the performance Trinidad and Tobago gave at the World Cup finals in Germany?
TMK. I think we gave a good account of ourselves. However, I also believe that we did not show the world what kind of football we are really capable of; specifically from an attacking point of view.

8. What are your expectations of the level of football in Trinidad seeing that we qualified for the world?
TMK. To be honest, my expectations is just as everyone else I hope; which is to see the federation handle the success we have at this time and continue to help our football reach its’ fullest potential in the football world.

9. At what level have you represented Trinidad and Tobago at?
TMK. I played for the national under 20 team under the watchful eyes of Peter Grandville in 2000. I played for the national under 23 and senior team respectively under coach Rene Simone.

10. Knowing your potentials as a footballer better than anyone else, do you believe that you could/should have been a part of Trinidad and Tobago 2006 World Cup squad?
TMK. (Smile) I am a very confident player and I let my game do the talking; that’s for sure. However, these things are out of my control. I play the game at my best potential and the coaching staff makes their decision. In any event, I was in college at the time and not really involved with Trinidad and Tobago football.

11. Have you ever been contacted by the TTFF for a possible trials with the senior team since you signed with Charleston Battery?
TMK. No, I have not.

12. During your playing career (at national, club, high school or college level) which player/s did you enjoy playing with the most?
TMK. Good question. I have many to be honest. Some of them include, Joel Bailey, Leon Brown, Fabien Lewis, Kwame Wilshire, Jace Peters, Silvio Spann and Clint De Verteuil, just to name a few.

13. I understand that you play several positions. Which one would you consider your favorite and why?
TMK. I love playing forward. It brings joy to burst the "ole onion bag". (laugh)....

14. How did the opportunity to play with Charleston battery come about?
TMK. On completion of my college career at George Mason University, I was given several opportunities to play professional in the United States. The best opportunity was obviously Charleston Battery.

15. Do you believe that your playing experience at George Mason University was worthwhile? Why?
TMK. It was worthwhile in the sense that I was able to obtain an degree and also experience a different type of football.

16. What would be your most memorable experience at George Mason University?
TMK. In 2004, we defeated NCAA power house St Johns University. I scored 2 goals and had an assist in a 3-1 victory at St Johns. I had a goal in the opening minute of the game and then finished with a second item in the second half.

17. The A-League season is about to end. What are you plans then?
TMK. I was drafted #1 by Baltimore Blast in the national indoor professional. The league starts in October and I might pick up on the opportunity. If I do not take up on the opportunity, most likely I will be playing in the Asian continent. I can’t say too much about it at this point.

18. Which coach/es have had the most influence on you as a player and why?
TMK. Jan Steadman had the most influence on me because he always tried to bring out the full potential in me which I may not have known at that point in time. He was always straight forward with me. In addition, coach Greg Andrilus (former Columbus crew head coach) also had a very positive influence on my last season at George Mason University.

19. What are your personal goals and ambitions as it pertains to football?
TMK. To be the best I can be and play at the highest level my ability takes me. In addition, I desire to help Trinidad and Tobago football reach at it’s full potential.

McKnight: It has been a pleasure to inform the Soca Warriors Online crew some more about myself. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Thank You...
Teba McKnight.

On behalf of the Soca Warriors Online I just what to say Thank You to Teba McKnight. for taking the time to do this interview for us. Please keep up the great work you are doing and we all wish you all the best for the future and also hoping to see you on the 2010 world cup team.