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Prolific Striker Jason Scotland has been granted permission by the Trinidad and Tobago Senior Team to miss next Wednesday’s 2010 World Cup qualifier against El Salvador in order to remain in the United Kingdom and be part of Swansea City’s team for an FA Cup 5th round clash with Premiership club Fulham.
The match is scheduled for February 14, three days after T&T’s qualifying match which means that if Scotland joins Francisco Maturana’s team, he will return to Swansea only a day before they face Fulham and club manager Roberto Martinez is concerned over the player’s physical readiness to start that encounter. Scotland’s is currently Swansea’s top marksman.

And after discussions with Scotland himself and his agent Mike Berry, it was mutually agreed that the player be excused from the qualifying encounter, according to T&T assistant coach Russell Latapy. Scotland expressed gratitude to the T&T team for excusing him from the qualifier.

“Personally it’s great that I have been allowed to stay back and play the FA Cup match for Swansea because it’s obviously a massive game for us. It’s a great opportunity for me and the club but at the same time I know how important the game against El Salvador is. So in saying that I also want to state on record that I’m not turning my back on the country but after we looked at the situation closer, the decision was made to allow me to remain back at Swansea,” Scotland told TTFF Media on Tuesday.

“I’m in really good form for the club at the moment which means that I’m a key to their hopes of advancing in the FA Cup. Thankfully there has been good communication and understanding between Swansea and Trinidad and Tobago. At this stage it’s a good outcome but I have also told the manager here that I have all intentions of representing my country in the future matches and he will definitely have to release me for the other games once I’m selected,” Scotland added.

Latapy further explained: “It’s one of those situations where Jason is doing very well for his club and in this case it can be a turning point for him and the club and having been in such situations myself in the past as a player, it’s difficult when you have to ask a player to  travel this far and it’s not a guarantee that he’s going to be in the starting squad. So in saying that they asked for him to be excused and we have said to them well okay we don’t have a problem but also in the future we expect that they will be understanding of our needs and situation when it’s a case that we need the player to be available to us. “

"This is how relationships between managers, clubs and countries are likely to develop into even better ones to make it easier for dealing with when such situations arise.”

Scotland wished his national teammates the best in next Wednesday’s qualifying encounter and likewise the T&T contingent has wished him and Swansea every success in their upcoming FA Cup fixture.