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After what looked like a routine win against Cambridge United was squandered, Silvio Spann eloquently summed up the disappointed mood in the Wrexham camp.

"I won't be sleeping tonight. I've picked up an injury, but that blow doesn't hurt as much as the blow we've taken today. We've let them score two easy goals and they could even have won the game.

"We looked pretty comfortable but we started panicking and hitting the ball long. Every time we hit it long it came right back at us and put us under pressure. We should have shown a bit more courage to keep on going and keep passing the ball.

"I suppose the pitch isn't in the best shape for us to move the ball around, but we should at least try to! Like I said, it's going to be a sleepless night tonight.

"The most important thing for a defender is to keep a clean sheet at the back. As the game was going on Ashley was saying to us all that we should make sure we don't let any in."

It was a controversial 83rd minute penalty which suddenly let the visitors back into the game.

"When that corner went in he blew for a penalty. We asked him what was his reason for giving a penalty. He said he thought someone had handled it. I said to him "Who handled the ball?"

"He said, "I think it was the number six", or something like that. When a referee says "I think", he doesn't know!"

A minute before that decision the referee had handed out as harsh a yellow card as we've seen all season, and Spann was the recipient! He'd seemed keen to stamp on time wasting, although it didn't seem to be terribly apparent, and booked Spann as he was about to take a throw in, although it was impossible to see why the official thought he was running the clock down!

"I'd just got to the ball! I'm looking for someone to throw the ball to; if I'm not getting someone to throw the ball to, what do you want me to do? To be fair I'd got to the ball quickly to throw it back in."

A frustrating afternoon all round, and Spann is right: letting leads slip is a very dangerous habit to get into. It was all the more frustrating as the first half had seen some good attacking play as Wrexham cruised into a two goal lead. Spann was a key figure in this, marauding down the flank.

"That's what my game is about. I just have to do a little more defensively to try and stop goals from going in, and I did in the first half when I managed to get my body in the way when a guy shot from the edge of the area and stopped it from going in.

"I just have to do a little more of that and we have to learn to kill teams off. Try not to concede and keep the nil at the back. That's the most important thing right now.