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Midfielder Carlos Edwards says England deserves to be awarded the 2018 World Cup by FIFA later today. The destinations of the next two tournaments are in the process of being decided in Zurich.

Trinidad and Tobago international Edwards, who has been an ambassador for the English bid, says the fans and the stadia should win the day for England: "I have really enjoyed being involved in the bid as an ambassador and doing whatever I can to help England win the bid.

"Football means so much to a lot of people in this country. Wherever you go, walking down the road, in the pub, on the street corner - people are talking about football.

"That's one of the reasons I think this country deserves to host the World Cup. The fans will make the tournament a big success.

"The stadia in this country are first class as well. England could hold the World Cup tomorrow when you look around some of the grounds up and down the country.

"Everything is there for it to be a special tournament in England and a great success and I hope the vote goes to this country."

England are up against Netherlands-Belgium, Russia and Spain-Portugal for the 2018 tournament with Australia, the US, Japan, South Korea and Qatar battling it out for the 2022 competition.