Thu, Jan

One of the Venezuelan teams in Siparia is preparing to participate in the futsal tournament. - Grevic Alvarado

VENEZUELAN Futsal arrived in T&T and is about to open its first official championship in Siparia.

More than 16 teams are preparing to participate in the league organised by the Siparia Spurs Club.

Moisés Pérez Mcnishj, the main organiser of the tournament, said that the idea is to be able to start the first week of September.

"We aspired to start the championship with 12 teams, but many people have been joining the proposal and it has expanded to 16 clubs from Trinidad and Venezuela," said Pérez Mcnishj.

The first meeting with the teams will be on August 1, but they still have to confirm the place.

The championship will have as its main venues the Siparia Court, the Debe Gym and the Pleasantville Gym.

"The problem with the courts here is that most of them are made of asphalt and it is not recommended, so we are making contacts in other stadiums so that the tournament will spread throughout TT," said Moisés Pérez Mcnishj.

"In Venezuela, futsal is played professionally and our idea is to be able to create a professional league in T&T, so that the locals learn futsal techniques and tactics that are different from soccer," he said.

It is expected that several professional Venezuelan players, who have come to T&T due to the economic and social problems of their country, will participate in this tournament.

"Currently we have great futsal players here, many of them have been joining the teams because they want to play, that will guarantee a high-level league that Trinidadians would surely like," said Moisés Pérez Mcnishj.

For now, they will continue to organise and search for other venues to play the games when the tournament starts.