Tue, Jun


Host T&T defeated Haiti 6-3 in the final of the Caribbean Futsal Qualifying Tournament to the Concacaf Qualifiers at the Canedo Hall, Dr Joao Havelange, Centre of Excellence, yesterday.

The victory by the local team earned themselves the title of the 2008 Caribbean Futsal Champions.

T&T led 3-1 at the half-time interval and extended it by three more goals in the final half. Haiti struck back twice but could not sustained the effort.

Goal-scorers for T&T were Brent Antoine, Jerwyn Balthazar, Colin Joseph (2), Kevin Peters and Sterling O’Brien.

Venett Robins (2) and Chaperone James were the marksmen for Haiti.

Both T&T and Haiti also qualified to the Concacaf Final Round Tournament in Guatemala, after winning their groups and now join Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, USA and the host, Guatemala at the 2008 Concacaf Futsal Championship at the Domo Polideportivo in Guatemala City from June, 2- 8.