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With last year’s winners Joe Public opting out of the TT Pro League this season and runners-up Defence Force unable to play during the current state of emergency, the 2011 First Citizens Cup is up for grabs.

At Wednesday morning’s launch of the First Citizens Cup at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, TT Pro League in conjunction with title sponsor First Citizens revealed six clubs; Caledonia AIA, six-time winners W Connection, Adam’s Construction San Juan Jabloteh, DIRECTV North East Stars, St. Ann’s Rangers and newcomers T&TEC FC to challenge this season’s title and the $80,000.00 first place cash incentive.

The tournament is broken into two groups, A and B, with the latter labeled the group of death with Connection, Caledonia and North East Stars following a random draw during the launch.

While T&TEC, Rangers and Jabloteh make up Group A in the new format of a round robin into knockout.

Matches begin on Friday 16 September at the Hasely Crawford Stadium with T&TEC against Rangers from 5pm and Connection against Caledonia from 7pm in Quarter Final Day One.

Quarter Final Day Two will see T&TEC against Jabloteh from 5pm and Connection against North East Stars from 7pm at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Tuesday 20 September.

And Quarter Final Day Three, also at the Mucurapo venue on Friday 23 September, will see Rangers against Jabloteh from 5pm and Caledonia against North East Stars from 7pm.

Following the quarterfinal round robin format, the top two teams of each group will advance into the semifinal on Friday 30 September which will be played in a knockout system with only the winners advancing to the Final on Friday 14 October.

“You are the fortunate few who are still here with the opportunity of representing your communities… do not take this likely,” advised Warren Sookdar, Chief Information Officer - First Citizens.

“All the best in your quest for one of the most attractive Cups in local football, the First Citizens Cup and remember there is no room for losers.”

Sookdar who boasts that his company invests heavily in sporting initiatives added, “Indeed we are proud to be part of a League that has and continues to develop the raw talent of our nation’s youth. First Citizens applauds the TT Pro League for their efforts in the promotion of football in Trinidad and Tobago and their commitment to the production of well rounded footballers.”

This season the competition is in its 12th season with the continued backing of First Citizens.

TT Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene said, “The League acknowledges with significance gratitude and appreciation; not only for the fact that First Citizens is one of our most loyal, dedicated and committed partners but because they are role models.”

Skeene thanked First Citizens CEO Larry Howai for understanding the importance of development of local talent and honing the skills of our youth.

“Resilience and an unwavering commitment to the development of T&T are ingrained in the DNA of First Citizens. First Citizens grew out of the amalgamation of Worker’s Bank, National Commercial Bank and the Trinidad Co-operative Bank.

“There is much that the TT pro League can learn from First Citizens. Not only learn but be inspired and motivated by.

“Here in T&T many are afraid to fight for what they believe. These are indeed exciting times with life changing opportunities for many here in T&T. I can assure you that the TT Pro League will unveil new marketing and strategies. We will not allow ourselves to be shaped by circumstances. Just as First Citizens did, we will create our destiny,” promised the League CEO.

2011 First Citizens Cup
Quarterfinal Day One
Friday 16 September

Hasely Crawford Stadium
T&TEC FC vs St. Ann’s Rangers—5pm
W Connection vs Caledonia AIA—7pm

Quarterfinal Day Two
Tuesday 20 September

Hasely Crawford Stadium
T&TEC FC vs San Juan Jabloteh—5pm
Connection vs North East Stars—7pm

Quarterfinal Day Three
Friday 23 September

Hasely Crawford Stadium
St. Ann’s Rangers vs San Juan Jabloteh—5pm
Caledonia AIA vs North East Stars—7pm

Semi Final Round
Friday 30 September

Friday 14 October