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The Professional Football League hopes to generate profits of more than $60,000 for the remainder of the 2005 season, after signing a two-year apparel deal with Sports and Games Limited.

The deal was announced by Dexter Skeene, chief executive officer of the PFL, at Sports and Games, West Mall branch in Diego Martin yesterday.

Prior to disclosing the details of the partnership, Skeene noted that the PFL were focused on giving their sponsors value for their money.

He explained that when he approached Charles Hadeed, S&G’s managing director, he was a little taken back, because the approach was not for a handout but to establish a strategic business alliance from which both parties would benefit.

“The PFL is not only committed to developing clubs and players, but also to support the local industry.

As part of the agreement, S&G will now be known as the official equipment supplier of all clubs in the PFL’s senior and junior divisions.

Skeene said the deal will benefit the clubs in several ways, including all clubs receiving discounts and economical prices on the purchase of uniforms, as well as ten per cent discounts to teams on all equipment purchases, while the uniforms will all be custom-designed to suit the individual needs of each club.

In addition to the team uniforms, the new sponsors will also manufacture team replicas and memorabilia.

From the purchase of the replicas by the club’s supporters, the PFL will receive 20 per cent of all sales.

Holders of PFL season tickets were not left out of the promotional drive by the PFL and S&G.

The season ticket holders will be able to use their cards for discounts. Upon presentation of the card at all S&G outlets, they will receive a ten per cent discount on each purchase.

The league will receive a further ten per cent of sales made with the season-pass discount cards.

With this in mind, Skeene said: “If each of the 2,000 season-pass holders make a $300 purchase at Sports & Games, the league will stand to gain at least $60,000.

Skeene also used the opportunity to present former national football team coaches Edgar Vidale, Jimmy Blanc, Alvin Corneal and Muhammed Isa with vouchers, PFL season-passes and discount cards for their service in the development of football in T&T.