CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh have officially released three players from their Pro League team, as coach Terry Fenwick attempts to sharpen things up at the San Juan based club.

The players are Nigel Pierre, Vernon Bailey and Ancil Elcock.

The English born coach made the cut saying he does not believe these players fit into his future plans at this stage.

However the players remain contracted to the club and Jabloteh will continue to honor their contracts, which expires at the end of 2005.

Striker Nigel Pierre and Vernon Bailey are free to look at their options while defender Ancil Elcock will be used by the club as a youth coach.

Fresh from their Pro Bowl success, Jabloteh with their ongoing process in developing young players and therefore Coach Fenwick is currently looking at a number of youth players, fresh talent that has come from within Jabloteh’s youth system and also from the outside.

Young defender Karlon Murray and creative midfielder Terryl Elwyn have both been promoted by Fenwick from the club’s youth teams while defender Devaughn Drumett out of Campton football club in Guyana also joins the fold.

Young midfielder Michael Celestine who was part of the senior Pro League team is facing disciplinary action and will not be part of the team until further notice.

Fenwick defended his decision to tighten things up at the club saying, “I’ve looked at players that have been around the scene for some time now and there are some of them not up to the standard I want them to be—I want to build a young squad that are not just capable of winning everything in Trinidad but are also capable of challenging for spots on the National team”.