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W-Connection striker Andre Toussaint

Villa—Andre what went wrong for W Connection in the Pro Bowl final?

Andre—Jabloteh came to play us overly aggressive and I thought they did not come to play football—they came to be aggressive and that threw us off our game—but overall I found we handled their tactics well. It was just hard for us to settle down and play.

Villa—Andre you are among the top goal scorers in the league so far this season—Are you happy with your form?

Andre—Yes I am very happy—the coaches have worked hard with me and its now bearing fruit—most importantly I have been training hard—it’s all about commitment to the football.

Villa—What does it mean for you to be part of the W Connection football club?

Andre—Trinidadian footballers have a lot of talent and clubs like W Connection give us an opportunity to express our talent in a professional manner.

Villa—W Connection have dominated the league so far, despite losing the Pro Bowl—What do you think is responsible for this domination?

Andre—We started training even before the pre-season started—and we came together as a team and made a commitment to go out and give of our best and I feel its because of our preparation we are out in front in the league.

—Have you always wanted to play football Andre—Or were you interested in other sports?

Andre—No, football was always my game—I just love football, and I never really had interest in playing any other sports.

Villa—If you were not playing football professionally—What do you think you would be doing?

Andre—Well I probably would try to look for a job at the LNG plant in Point Fortin—but I am really glad for the opportunity to play football professionally.

Villa—Have you always wanted to be a striker Andre?

Andre—Yes always—I know my ability in scoring and setting up goals—So yes I always wanted to be a forward.

Villa—What do you think is the strongest aspect of your game?

Andre—My first touch—I can control the ball when it comes to me from any direction and I love to set up plays.

Villa—And what do you think is the weakest aspect of your game—an aspect you need to work on?

Andre—My strength—I need to do a little more gym work and put on some size, so I won’t be bounced off the ball regularly.

—Despite W Connection’s dominance—Who do you believe is connection’s biggest threat?

Andre—Our biggest threat—To tell you the truth, the hardest game I played this season was against Caledonia AIA Fire—I feel Fire is our biggest threat.

Villa—Andre you are a young man, just 23 years of age—where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, in terms of your career?

Andre—I will like to be in Europe playing professionally.

Villa—How do you feel to be part of a local football club with so many foreign players?

Andre—I have no problem with that—sometimes I feel like the foreigner. At Connection we are like a family and everyone needs to continue proving themselves.

Villa—Have you benefited from playing with the Brazilians at Connection?

Andre—Yes definitely—I love their style.

Villa—Tell me a little bit about your recent trail at English Division 1 side Oldham Athletic?

Andre—It was a really good experience—It was the first time I was on a trial in Europe and I enjoyed it—it was very difficult though—it is not easy out there—you have no real friends.

Villa—Which player do you admire the most in the Pro League?

Andre—I really admire Caledonia AIA Fire’s Densill Theobald.

Villa—Which International player do you admire the most?

Andre—Manchester United’s Ruud Van Nistleroy is my player.

Villa—you had a training stint under new head coach Leo Beenhakker—What were your thoughts?

Andre—I found it was very good—I think I did well in the sessions—but to tell you the truth—I was disappointed at not being called up again.

Villa—So you were surprised at being left out of the first cut?

Andre—Yes, I was very surprised, even disappointed—I thought I did well enough to deserve another chance, not just because I am one of the league’s top goal scorers, but I thought I did not get a fair chance to show what I really had to offer.

Villa—What do you think are the national team’s chances of qualifying for World Cup 2006 in Germany?

Andre—I feel we can qualify—once we get together, everybody as one—supporters, players and administrators—Yes I feel we can do it.

Villa—What would you say is the best moment in your career so far?

Andre—It was back in school days—The 1998 Intercol Final playing for St. Benedicts against Princess Town—I came on and scored a double.

Villa—What’s the moment you will like to forget?

Andre—It was last year playing against Jabloteh—I had a horrible game, despite we won 2-0.