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Community sports organiser Roger Celestine, known as “Zoff” is taking legal actions against Brent Sancho, former Minister of Sports under the People’s Partnership Government.

“Zoff,” who for the past 39 years has been the man organising football, cricket, all fours and other cultural events in the San Juan/Barataria area in the name of Tyro Sports Club, is suing Sancho for monies owed to him for payment of prizes for an all-fours tournament last year, that comprised a League, Knock-Out, Mixed Doubles, Big 8, Champion of Champions, After Party Knock-Out, as well as special awards such as most bullseye, most discipline and most hanged jacks.

Zoff said yesterday a pre-action protocol letter was delivered to Sancho’s home in Maraval by the club’s lawyers Natasha and Company. Apart from all-fours, the veteran sports administrator was asked by Sancho to organise football and cricket tournaments.

Celestine said he received $60,000 from Sancho, an ex-national defender to cover prizes in cricket, as well as $50,000 for football, but was given the run around for the $70,000 promised for all-fours.

Zoff said Sancho has since caused severe discomfort to him and his family, noting that it is only because of his good name over the years, that no one has decided to sue, threaten or inflict any pain on him to date. He said he last spoke to Sancho, the managing director at local Pro League club Central FC back in November, the day before the final of the all-fours. “Sancho told me then that he was $200, 000 out of pocket for his election campaign. I told him that the competition was almost completed and I needed monies to pay the teams the day after,” Zoff explained.

He noted it was the last time he heard from Sancho, as the ex-minister has since been avoiding his calls and not responded to his text messages.

Zoff noted it was because of Neil Gosine, chairman of the National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited that he was able to finish the all-fours tournament. Zoff is calling on Sancho to settle the issue, saying: “All I want is to pay the people their money.”

He insisted there is no bad blood between him and Sancho, admitting that if Sancho wants him to organise another tournament, he will do it.

“This is not about me or Sancho. The bigger picture is that the people in the country will be served, as there is mounting tension in the country. We have crime on the rise, people losing their jobs daily and people are becoming frustrated, so I want to provide an opportunity for people to channel their energies and to relax and cool their heads,” Zoff said.