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Pro League pulls away from Sancho’s comments.

Richard Fakoory, chairman of the T&T Pro League, is distancing the league from comments made by Central FC owner Brent Sancho earlier this week, that the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs was killing the league and sports in general.

According to Fakoory the statement made by Sancho, who was Minister of Sports under the People’s Partnership government, was done so in his private capacity. Despite being uncertain about whether government will intervene to assist the cash-strapped Pro League, Fakoory said: “The T&T Pro League is a professional league with no political affiliation and as such will continue to try and improve football in T&T.

The T&T Pro League would have been assisted by respective governments and as such would like to make it pellucidly clear that we will continue to partner with governments in the best interest of football in T&T.”

Fakoory, who is also owner and managing director of St Ann’s Rangers, told Guardian Media Sports: “The League has always had a harmonious relationship with all previous governments and will continue to endeavour to do so.”

He noted, “The league will commence with or without assistance from the government and will continue to work on aligning its strategic objectives with its existing mandate of creating a foundation that would help stimulate national interest throughout our communities once again, increase trust and loyalty, improve the League professionally and help in building a strong national team.”