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The W Connection midfielder joins the exclusive group of 15 year olds to have debuted in the T&T Pro League.

Age you realized you wanted to play professionally? 
I realized I wanted to play professionally when I turned 10 years old.

Interests beside football? 
I enjoy playing the steel pan, playing video games and Djing. As a career then I would definitely be interested in Sport Nutrition. .

Advice given to you by senior players on pro-league debut at 15?
They encouraged me, they told me to be confident, be brave and believe in my ability. They also promised to protect me on the field, and that they did.

How did it feel to be a pro-league debutant at such a young age?
I felt proud and happy, I began with 15 and 20 minutes per game and some days on the bench, but as I got more confident my coach (Earl Jean and Stuart Charles-Fevrier) started giving me more and more time and this certainly helped improve my game but I know I still have a lot to learn.

Your dream club?
I have always dreamed about playing for Barcelona but as I got older I grew to love Man City because of their style of play.

Motivation after a bad game?
After a bad game I am usually very hard on myself. I can only blame myself which allows me to hold myself to a higher standard for the next game. But motivation also comes from my coaches and my father. I was fortunate to have some excellent coaches thus far, and my father, well let’s just say “that man could talk lol”.

Player(s) you model your game after?
I model my game after Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala. Messi is an excellent dribbler he deceives defenders well and Dybala has the same qualities in my opinion.

Where do you see yourself at aged 20?
I see myself playing professional football in England at the age of 20 years.

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