Plans renewed for merger of Pro League and Super League.

THERE are renewed plans for a merger of the TT Pro League and the TT Super League, with the new competition set to be called the TT Football League.

In 2019, there were plans for a T-League, with the Pro League teams to compete in the first division and the Super League outfits to participate in the second division. That T-League would have featured a promotion and demotion system.

Clayton Morris, president of the TT Super League, revealed that the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee, headed by Robert Hadad, is considering a move to have a merger of the two top local football leagues.

During an interview on Thursday, Morris said, “I had a courtesy meeting on the 21st of December. The meeting was to outline what the plans are for, what they are calling, the TT Football League. They wanted to know what (are) the TTSL’s views on it.”

The former Strike Squad captain continued, “I told (Hadad) I couldn’t give any concrete position as the TTSL (president) because I wanted to take it to the board. Since then, we had the meeting and we are in support of the League, but we need to get an outline of the structure of how the League would be run. That was reported back to Mr Hadad (on Wednesday).”

Asked if he is confident that this new League will come to fruition, Morris replied, “I am confident that it can come off.

“We want the players to be back out there playing as (quickly) as possible but health is important. If we come together as one, with respect to getting the policy from the Ministry of Health, then it augurs well for us as one body.”

Morris added, “Hadad says (the normalisation committee) have sponsors. That would take off a big chunk off the Super League, and the Pro League, seeing that we have sponsors coming. Our thing is just to make sure we really get the teams prepared. It would really put the League in a position to be marketable.”

During the past few years, teams were unable to compete in the Super League since they were not compliant according to the TTFA (TT Football Association) stipulations.

Morris said this issue was discussed at the Super League’s first board meeting on December 29.

“We’re looking at the clubs who desperately need the assistance right now,” said Morris. “A lot of them (are) illiterate to the fact that what needs to be done to be compliant. We have (a board member) talking with these clubs to find out where they’re at and to find out the ones which most desperately need the assistance.”

Former Super League president Keith Look Loy copped some criticism for performing dual roles with FC Santa Rosa (as the club president) and Super League president.

Will Morris be relinquishing his role as UTT coach since he is the Super League president?

“My job is a football coach employed with UTT. I am a football coach by profession.”

There was talk within the local football fraternity that Look Loy was wearing too many hats.

Morris said, “I heard that. In my case, when I was approached to take this mantle (as Super League boss), I mentioned ‘(UTT) is my job’.

“I am seeing it as where I could make a contribution and that’s what I see God has me doing. I can’t be giving up my job for a voluntary (one). I see it as a service to football.”