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Former La Horquetta Rangers midfielder Keron Cummings

KERON “Ball Pest” Cummings has been kicked out of Terminix La Horquetta Rangers for seeking to fulfil his dream of playing for T&T.

Cummings was called up to train with the national senior men’s futsal team earlier this year. He was set to represent T&T at the Concacaf Futsal Championships in Guatemala in May, but a suspected cardiac condition prevented him from playing. Two months ago, Cummings was cleared to play football again.

Rangers cut him after training with the national futsal team.

“I am without a club from today (Monday), but by tomorrow (Tuesday) please the Lord I will be back with a club but there is no football playing,” Cummings told Newsday, on Monday.

Cummings wants to train with the national senior football team, coached by Angus Eve. He has represented the national senior team 15 times from 2010-2017.

For years, Rangers have barred the player from training with the national team.

In the past, Rangers owner Richard Ferguson gave reasons why he has not allowed his players to train with the national team.

Ferguson said the Rangers coaches developed an extensive training and nutrition programme and releasing the players from the club’s programme for national duty for lengthy periods may set the players back.

Clubs are not obliged to release their players for national duty outside the FIFA window. Ferguson has said he is willing to release his players for international matches during FIFA windows.

In an April 2019 Newsday story, Ferguson said, “We support the national team beyond any bonds – I want to make it clear.”

Cummings said the national senior football team must have all players available for selection.

“The reason we have to go through all this drama and can’t qualify for all these tournaments because we don’t have the best team representing.”

T&T failed to get past the first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament earlier this year.

Rangers have produced many national players over the years.

“It’s sad to know that somebody (Ferguson) has a club and don’t want to send the players to the national team because the country supposed to be first.

“We actually could do plenty better in some of those competitions if we could have our best players out.”

Discussing being cut from Rangers, Cummings said the national futsal team contacted clubs throughout the country requesting that players attend trials.

“They would send a letter to the clubs. The past coaches have been sending letters to the clubs for certain players for the futsal and the senior team and he (Ferguson) will actually tell you (that) you can’t go.”

Cummings said all footballers dream about playing for national teams. “Everybody has goals and people want to play in the biggest tournaments for their country,” Cummings said.

Local club football has been at a standstill during the covid19 pandemic, but Rangers have been training periodically and have been paid a monthly salary.

Cummings believes Rangers players should be released to represent the national team because there is no club football.

“When last Trinidad had a league?

He added, “No football (and) look at the period of time and he still don’t want to send the players. So what could be the reason? I think media people should put the pressure on him to find out why you are not supporting the national team because you are a club of Trinidad and you are the club who have the majority of quality players.”

Newsday tried to contact Ferguson, but attempts proved futile. Cummings knows he has the ability to play at the highest level and accepted the offer to train with the T&T futsal team.

“I know I don’t deserve just playing club football in Trinidad and not serving my country.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday