Anthony Wolfe is a young man with the world at his feet and he has a burning desire to succeed and do well. The San Juan Jabloteh striker has obviously impressed Dutch Coach Leo Beenhakker and he has been living every young footballers dream—he is heading to the world cup finals in Germany with a historic Trinidad and Tobago team.

He was born and bred in North Manzanilla, he is just 22 years of age and got his first opportunity to play professional football at North East Stars, where he immediately sounded his horns loud and clear—announcing himself as one of the country’s young bright prospects.

Villa—How does it feel to be named in the 24-man national team for the world cup finals?
Wolfe—Its just great, it’s a great accomplishment for me—I have worked hard over the years and I think my inclusion in the world cup squad is just reward—but I believe the journey has only now begun for me.

Villa—How do feel to be part of a national team with the likes of Russell Latapy, Dwight Yorke, Shaka Hislop and Stern John?
Wolfe—Well its really a big honour, to be around these guys who have so much experience, it has been my dream to play with guys like Dwight, Russell and Shaka and I never thought the day would have come—but as they say good things come to those who wait, and I have been waiting for a long time and I am just grateful for the opportunity.

Villa—Which part of Trinidad are you from?
Wolfe—I am from North Manzanilla.

Villa—Do you think enough is being done to tap into the talent in those areas?
Wolfe—I feel enough hasn’t been done, when you look at national teams you see the majority of the players coming from Port of Spain and along the East West corridor—but there are players that I know from areas such as Sangre Grande and beyond that have great ability and strength and they have been overlooked by past coaches. As a matter of fact I want to take this opportunity to thank coach Leo Beenhakker for the opportunity he has given to me—despite, I have not gotten any playing time yet, but just being around the team is just great—and I have faith and I know my chance will come and I plan to grab it with two hands.

Villa—Where did your love for football begin?
Wolfe—It all began when I was just 5 years old—back home my father and mother always wanted me to be a footballer—they always gave me gifts of footballs and tugs—and the love for the sport grew from there when I attended primary school I got more involved in the game and my parents always encouraged me to work hard at my game.

Villa—You started your professional career at North East Stars—tell me about that experience?
Wolfe—At North East Stars it was just great—it’s a wonderful club, its not one of the big clubs like Jabloteh and W Connection, but they are very passionate about the football. I will always be thankful to North East Stars, because they would have brought me into the spotlight—it was playing for North East in a Pro League match where I was spotted by Coach Beenhakker and his assistants—and I am on the national team since then, so I would really like to thank the clubs President Darryl Mahabir for the opportunity to play at North East—and I want them to know my love will always be with the club, even though I have departed.

Villa—Why the move to Jabloteh this season?
Wolfe—It was all about my own betterment—I believe the move to Jabloteh will afford me a lot more opportunities at this stage of my career.

—How do you feel about the T&T Pro League?
Wolfe—I feel proud—the Pro League give local players like myself an opportunity to be in the spotlight and showcase on a serious stage what we have to offer—and local players can groom themselves into a true professional player—and even getting the opportunity to address the national coaches and make a national team. I really hope the young players coming up continue to show the enthusiasm in the Pro League and go on make the national team and represent the country, because there is no greater feeling and accomplishment. I really want to thank the Pro League for ensuring young local players have an outlet.

Villa—Are you looking forward to securing an overseas contract?
Wolfe—Yes I will love the opportunity to play abroad—but I am taking it one day at a time—the first thing for me is to get some playing time on the national team—but I am not rushing anything, I am very young still and all my hopes and aspirations I put it to God in prayer

Villa—If you were not playing professional football what would you be doing?
Wolfe—This question is a tough one—because all I ever wanted to do was to play football—but probably I would have joined the Defence Force.

Villa—You are still a very young man—just 22 years of age—what are some of your goals for the future?
Wolfe—My first goal is to secure a contract abroad, so I can help my family financially as they are not too well off—I really want to make my mom happy and proud. Some of my immediate goals is when I return from the world cup to help my club San Juan Jabloteh win as many titles as possible.

Villa—Who’s your favorite local player?
Wolfe—Aurtis Whitley—because he is similar to me—he talks outright, he speaks his mind and he is just a wonderful player, I really admire him.

Villa—Who’s your favorite international player?
Wolfe—Ronaldo—I really love that guy, his finishing ability his strength, his passion and composure in front the goal.

—Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career so far?
Wolfe—My Mom because, when I was back at North East Stars and we were experiencing financial difficulties—there were certain times I wanted to quit and she encouraged me to hang in there and not give up—If I did not listen to my mom, I would not have been here on the national team today.

—Do you feel T&T can get to the 2nd round at the world cup?
Wolfe—I feel we have a great chance just as any other country—we are among the top 32 nations and in the world cup there are a lot of upsets—I feel we have nothing to lose—and its just a matter of taking things seriously and preparing ourselves to the best of our ability and anything is impossible

Villa—What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?
Wolfe—Most definitely—the day we qualified for the world cup—when we beat Bahrain 1-0 it was just an amazing feeling.

Villa—What do you do, when you are not playing football?
Wolfe—I just like to relax with my girlfriend and my family, and I love my homing pigeons.