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CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh’s Jason Marcano and Lester Peltier have promised to make the best of their two week English trial with third division club Millwall FC in hope of earning an English contract.

Both players were in positive moods speaking with ‘’ moments before their departure on Wednesday saying that this trial was something they have been looking forward to for sometime now.

The 23 year old Marcano said, “I am very happy for this trial. This is part of my dreams to play in England and I have been waiting for something like this for some time now. It’s now for me to put my best foot forward and continue to show progress while I’m at Milwall.”

“I know it’s going to be hard with the change of weather, but this trial would make a big impact on my life so I am going to work hard in order to make both my friends and family proud of me,” said Marcano, who was voted the Most Improved Player in the 2006 by Jabloteh.

While the teenage sensation Lester Peltier who represented Jabloteh’s senior team in 2006 backed up most of Marcano’s remarks, as he believes this opportunity at Milwall is a great stepping stone for him.

“I have prepared and was waiting for this a very long time now. I am looking forward to doing my best over in England at Milwall to impress their coaches.”

“I know it’s really cold in England although I have never been there but I am ready for this and I would be going there to do my best. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it’s up to me to make the best of it. My dream is to play with one of the biggest clubs in England, so I am looking to use this opportunity as a stepping stone in my career,” ended the 18 year old player.

Millwall’s Youth Director Joe Little who also spoke with ‘’ mentioned that matches would be made available for both players on the trial and added the relationship between the two Clubs is a great one as they are look towards promotion they would need better players.

“Firstly they would go into a two week training program at Millwall. It would be a good two week intensive training period where they can probably adapt to what the standards are like over in England.”

“There certainly would be matches for Lester. He would more than likely get a game against Arsenal in the FA Premiere Youth Academy League. As for Jason, there is some reserve fixtures arranged but we need confirmation on those. We have to both players involved in some matches to give them a fair assessment.”

“We’ve got a good thing going here with Jabloteh, as Millwall will be able to access players we wouldn’t normally get access to. It looks like a great relationship for both Clubs. The Jabloteh boys can come over and get experience in the English League and we hopefully get good players to help Millwall climb the table,” ended the Millwall Youth Director.