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Manzanilla brothers Anthony and Glenton Wolfe have signed one year deals with former club North East Stars ahead of the 2007 TT Pro League season after CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh refused to renew their contracts after the 2006 season.

Another former North East Stars and Manzanilla youngster Kendall Jagdeosingh has also chosen to reunite with the Sangre Grande based Club after his 2006 Pro League season with Morvant based Caledonia AIA.

Twenty three year-old World Cup player Anthony Wolfe, his 25 year-old brother Glenton and 20 year old Jagdeosingh have all come through the North East Stars youth system and have all represented the Trinidad and Tobago national senior team in 2006.

Club Owner/Manager Darryl Mahabir told ‘’, “It’s great to have these guys back with us. We are a community based team and to have them back would be great for the team as well as the people of Sangre Grande.”

The Sangre Grande based Club also recently acquired former Guyanese born Coach James Mc Lean who had an influence on the trio, while they were at the Club. Mc Lean also led North East Stars to their first and only League Title in 2004.

“Yes I believe with Mc Lean’s presence here it had a great influence in the players deciding to re-join the Club where they all started off. Mc Lean has done a great job with these players in the past and I am hoping that he can do the same with them this time around,” said Mahabir.

“All three players, Anthony, Glenton and Jagdeosingh have agreed on one year contracts with the Club,” confirmed the Sangre Grande based Club Owner.

JagdeosinghStriker Kendall Jagdeosingh speaking with ‘’ said, “I have no grudge with Caledonia AIA. I just saw this opportunity with North East Stars as a great one seeing that both Glenton and Anthony have decided to return.”

“Darryl Mahabir called me and asked if I was willing to reunite with the Club and with some of my former teammates and I agreed,” confirmed the 20 year old.

Jagdeosingh added that he is looking forward to a bigger season with his former Club, “I am now looking towards a better season with North East Stars in 2007 than the one I had with Caledonia in 2006.”

Jagdeosingh who represented Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 against Japan in a friendly match is also confident that he can again be part of the national team, “I am sure with my performance this season I can regain my pick on the national team which is part of my main focus in 2007,” said Jagdeosingh.

Jamaal Shabazz Technical Director of Jagdeosingh’s former Club Caledonia AIA is very confident that the player would do well for his new Club, speaking with ‘’, he said, “It’s a loss to Caledonia, but it is the way of football. I believe he would do quite well with North East Stars because he is a player who is coming along fine and is going to get to top form very soon,” ended Shabazz.