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Terry FenwickRead the Soca Warriors Online Exclusive interview with former England player, now San Juan Jabloteh's Head Coach Mr. Terry Fenwick. Get inside scoops and more on San Juan Jabloteh, it's aim and desire plus many more for next season.
1. First, congrats on your teams treble win Terry. What’s your aim now for next season.
TF: Whilst other clubs will be making wholesale changes I believe the quality of our squad to be deep. Jabloteh will only be looking to add 2-3 players that must add value... Consistency is always key to success, Jabloteh will take every game one at a time and hope to repeat the successes of 2008.

2. How long are you contracted to San Juan Jabloteh and why Jabloteh.
TF: My contract with Jabloteh has 2 years remaining. Why Jabloteh.... because the club strives to make a difference to so many youths. We have remained committed to the development of these youths using football as the vehicle to life. Many of the disciplines we demand at Jabloteh are lessons for life, I take great pride in the role I play.

3. How do you like Trinidad and Tobago as a country.
TF: I love Trinidad & Tobago.... you guys are blessed with two beautiful Islands. Like so many countries around the world T&T has it's issues but I am a very positive person and see so many beautiful people around that I believe good will prevail.

4. How hard was it for you to settle in Trinidad for the first time.
TF: Very hard..... always the foreigner, the outsider, always seen as a threat instead of a friend..... the usual suspects have made things difficult over the years but I will ware them down..... and although not publicly, most football people now accept me and actually get on with me, I hope it's because they see a positive contribution.

5. If offered the T&T head coach job, will you consider.
TF: Of course I would consider.... I can't believe I've been here for nearly eight years, on and off, and not been asked to contribute in some way to the National effort? I see that as my duty! Maybe if the blinkers came off and powers that be and they looked at the positives I possess, things may have been different?

6. Seeing that your clubs relationship with the TTFF is not always on good terms. Do you feel Jabloteh players are overlooked especially at senior level.
TF: We finished the season 32 points clear of third placed North East Stars, almost a division, our team is totally locally based and very young. We have never had more than 2 players selected in this current National regime......  After a successful season, only now, the National Technical team have acknowledged Trent Noel and Robert Primus. Both players have rightly received rave reviews for their endeavors this season from players, coaches and pundits Nationwide.... why have these guys not been recognized for their abilities before now? You tell me..... in a small local league how difficult is it to identify the real players....?

7. Which players/s on your present Jabloteh team and/or entire league you feel should be given a trail (for the least) with the T&T team.
TF: Cleon John, Elton John, Robert Primus, Noel Williams, Devon Jamerson, Ataullah Guerra (selected for 8 squads and never played a game?) Jerol Forbes (Not selected since his move from United Petrotrin to Jabloteh?) and of course Trent Noel.

8. Are you planning on bringing any foreign imports to you club for next season or will you stick with local talents.
TF: Where possible I would prefer to remain local although I would not hesitate to go foreign if I could not adequately fill a position.

9. Obviously you have been around T&T football (in some part) a while now. How do you feel T&T will do in the Hex. Can we make it to another World Cup. What procedures you feel needs to be done. Give us your full view.
TF: My views are based on first hand experience here in T&T and over 30 years of professional football in the English leagues. Football in Trinidad & Tobago is lacking in any real development through the National body or otherwise.... and the competence of coaches delivering programs to players/coaches are substandard. It is my opinion that the many promising coaches here in T&T are often frustrated with the lack of "progressive" courses or refused entry to a closed shop. My experience here in T&T over the last 8 years has indicated that the TTFF will gamble the early qualifiers with poor preparation and management and then look to a quick fix to get out of trouble at the death.  This is in no way shape or form a successful formula..... the cracks will appear and the usual excuses and scape goats will be offered. The bright sparks around T&T football will recognize all the usual symptoms......  the T&T National football teams have not won or qualified any competition in first place at any level!..... far too often the Special Advisor pulls a rabbit out of the hat and provides an alternative route. I see the talent out there but we are failing them, structure must be addressed to provide a successful development program. I hope I am wrong but I don't see T&T qualifying for 2010 South Africa. It may however, provoke a change in policy?

10. What’s your thoughts on having Russell Latapy as T&T assistant.
TF: Tremendous decision! I met with Russell for the first time, in Scotland, last March on our Jabloteh tour. I found Russell to be a nice guy and he gave particular attention to my young players which I was please to see. I have found it difficult to provide/identify proper role models for my young players, Russell is that and acted accordingly. I liked that! The success of Russell Latapy's appointment as assistant coach will entirely depend on the strength of the role he is given.... we can't forget we have a National coach in Mr. Maturana....?  How this relationship is to work is one that is difficult to call. In my opinion, one singer, one song.... who will call the shots.... the coach, the assistant or the administrators?  I see Russell as a real football man, someone who will identify good players and help them.... his inclusion at this level could be a breath of fresh air.... we'll soon see!

11. Your favorite T&T player/s.
TF: I was always a great fan of Dwight Yorke.... what a player! As a player myself I often admired the sublime skills and abilities of Dwight....  and now that I have experienced T&T I understand the hurdles Dwight has had to overcome and the mental strength he has shown to perform to such a top level for so long.... respect!  The future of T&T football is in the very capable hands of players like Kenwyne Jones, Keon Daniel, Khaleem Hyland and Robert Primus...... great talent and top prospects.

12. How are you going to prepare for the CONCACAF Champions League this year.
TF: This one could be difficult Flex.... we are still awaiting dates and more often than not the qualifiers come at a time when we are out of season, so preparation is often difficult...... we'll try and cover all the corners and ensure we are prepared as best as possible.

13. Do you like the local food. Anything in particular.
TF: I love my pepper sauce with everything.....

14. I know you respect all teams, however, their must be one T&T club you admire the most. Which one and why.
TF: St. Ann's Rangers....  Against the odds Rangers are trying to compete with the big guys and in the correct manner, good football through the development of youths..... fair play to the players and management of the club. I would love to see Rangers secure a good sponsor so they could go the extra yard, then they might upset the big guys.

15. Name a few things you would have done different if you where the current T&T head coach.
TF: Too many to mention...... all coaches are different and have their own opinions and philosophies, who am I to cast judgment on Mr. Maturana's decisions..... this is his time. I am stubborn and I don't suffer fools, I do things my way, it may not suit some but I believe honesty is the best policy and providing you are competent to do the job, honesty and hard work will bring success.

16. Name an All Star T&T local eleven.
TF: That would be giving the opposition far too much information.....

17. Your proudest moment.
TF: Playing for England..... a childhood dream.

18. How was the experience playing for England at the World Cup.
TF: A great experience but I have my regrets, I did not do myself justice.

19. Ever though of bringing any English players to play for Jabloteh.
TF: All of the time, you Trini's are not easy! there have been times when I have listened to all sorts of excuses for why players can't do something or other..... all rubbish, I don't take it on! I often say to myself, if only I had a Gaza, Lineker, Waddle, Hoddle or Mabbutt.... players who never made excuses, just got on with the job....

20. What's the latest on Lester Peltier and Atuallah Guerra as far as heading overseas on trial. Anymore talents heading overseas.
TF: I can't say too much at the moment Flex but yes we are always trying to provide opportunities.

21. Do you feel the T&T Pro League is well run.
TF: I believe the T&T Pro-League is in need of more help.... a solid league program with a decisive schedule would encourage a more aggressive marketing program.... attract the public and stimulate corporate sponsorship. I also think Dexter Skeene should spend more time on the infrastructure of the Pro-League rather than his coaching school... a case of sorting your priorities Dexter.

22. How do you feel we can improve the league in terms of quality, crowd and TV/Internet.
TF: To maintain entertaining football the league schedule must be solid and provide rest intervals particularly at the closing end of the season so that supporters are not subjected to watching players who are tired through a relentless fixture schedule. Television is the medium to promote and expose the local game to the T&T public. A televised local game once a week is essential and a positive T&T assault on the Concacaf Champions League is the only thing that will engage the armchair footballing public of T&T. Unfortunately, the public know very little about locally based players and see more of the foreign based because of the TV coverage from the UK, we need to address this.

Note: On behalf on the Soca Warriors Online and Warrior Nation, we say thank you to Mr. Terry Fenwick for taking the time out to do this Q&A Interview for us. We wish you all the best in the future. May Gob Bless you and your family.

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Personal information
Full name, Terence William Fenwick
Date of birth, 17 November 1959 (1959-11-17) (age 49)
Place of birth, Seaham, England
Height, 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Playing position, Full back

Senior clubs1
Years Club App (Gls)*
1976–1980 Crystal Palace 070 0 (0)
1980–1987 QRP 256 (33)
1987–1993 Tottenham 093 0 (8]
1990–1991 → Leicester (loan) 008 0 (1)
1993–1995 Swindon 028 0 (0)
Total 455 (42)

National team
1984–1988 England 020 0 (0)

Teams managed
1995–1998 Portsmouth
Current–CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh
Terence William 'Terry' Fenwick (born 17 November 1959 in Seaham, County Durham, England) is a former football player and coach.

He started his career at Crystal Palace F.C. and went on to play for major clubs such as Queens Park Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur. During this period he was a regular for the England national football team. He became the first full back to score a goal from open play in an FA Cup Final when he equalized against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1982 final.

He holds the English record for most yellow cards (three) in a single tournament, which he achieved in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. During that World Cup, Fenwick was also noted for being passed by Diego Maradona as Maradona scored the Goal of the Century.

Fenwick scored all 8 of his league goals for Tottenham from the penalty spot in just one season, 1988/89. After 1990, it gradually became clear that Fenwick had witnessed his best days as a footballer. He was sent on loan to Leicester City before getting a permanent move to Swindon Town, a newly promoted FA Premier League team. His first season (1993-94) saw Swindon winning only 5 games of a total 42, conceding 100 goals and being relegated. Fenwick played 26 games during this season, and was noted for breaking the leg of Paul Warhurst — a photograph revealed that Fenwick was smiling at the incident. He played only two games the following season, was released and ended his playing career shortly thereafter.

Following in the footsteps of many former players, Fenwick decided to try a managerial career. In 1995 he replaced Jim Smith as manager for Portsmouth F.C. Results were poor, a 3-2 FA Cup win at Leeds notwithstanding, and he was sacked in 1998. His most recent manager job was at Northampton Town in 2003, where he only lasted for 7 games. Fenwick's first game saw a 1-0 lead turn into a 2-1 defeat away to Blackpool. The next five games saw just two draws and three more defeats. His last game in charge was against Bristol City. The 2-1 defeat saw calls for his departure from fans and he left the post the following Monday. He was replaced by Martin Wilkinson.

Fenwick has spent a considerable amount of time in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago over the past few years. He has enjoyed a great degree of managerial success there, winning the country's professional football league and a variety of cups. He is currently the manager of football club CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh, in the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League.