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Former Trinidad and Tobago international and Defence Force FC goalie Ross Russell has been appointed Head Coach of the Tetron based club for the 2009 season.
Russell, former head coach of the Defence Force Super League team and assistant to last season’s Kerry Jamerson has accepted the profile with great honor.

“It’s a great moment for me as head coach of Defence Force. It’s a big job and I have to take it seriously,” he told

It is said that former head coach Jamerson was removed as coach mainly because of undesirable results.

Jamerson took over the team in 2007 following the exit of Anthony Barrington but the former Defence Force and Trinidad and Tobago midfielder failed to impress.

In 2007, Army finished in a neat fifth position, but fell was below par last season, slumping in eight position.

Now it is Russell’s chance to guide to ‘Soldiers’ to glory. And he seems to have the ‘right attitiude’ ahead of his debut year at the professional level.

“I don’t think that any other team is physically fit, technically and tactically sound as us,” he said. ‘We have ourselves to blame (for last season). We have to return to our winning ways and we will be working on our mental game and will to win.”

Russell said that he has been around the team for the past six years, sometimes filling the roles of assistant and goalkeeping coach, which means he is no stranger in the professional environment.