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Joe PublicJoe Public Football Club has continuously remained silent with the numerous erroneous reports and speculation concerning our plans, inclusive of the renewal and non-renewal of contracts, within our club as it pertains to the upcoming 2010 TT Pro League season.

However, the foolhardy comments emanating from one of the copycat clubs associated with the TT Pro League as well as incorrect media reports about several of our players status with our club has resulted in Joe Public Football Club breaking its silence with the early preparations for 2010 and the defense of our 2009 titles (TT Pro League, Big Six competition, Toyota Classic, FA Cup, and Pro Bowl) in the 2010 TT Pro League season.

At the moment, “Joe Public Football Club has twenty-two players contracted to participate within the 2010 season,” according to Mr. Daryll Warner, Managing Director, Joe Public Football Club.

This is inclusive of Mr. Seon Powers and Mr. Jason Springer as well as our regular starters during the 2009 season.  Contrary to erroneous reports and futile attempts by a TT Pro League club to obtain the services of key staff and players associated with Joe Public Football Club, I would like to re-assure all interested persons that Mr. Seon Powers remains a contracted player with Joe Public Football Club until December 31, 2010.  In addition, Mr. Jason Springer has not been released from his contractual obligation to Joe Public Football Club which ends on December 31, 2010.

Joe Public Football Club is preparing for the 2010 version of the Caribbean Club Championship with the start of our pre-season training commencing on January 15, 2010.  To date, we have signed a few new players in our early 2010 preparations for a hectic football calendar comprising of both International and Domestic matches.  Two of the new players are Mr. Andre Toussaint and Mr. Nigel Daniel but we are still in negotiations with a few other players that have the desire to join the record breaking premier club in the TT Pro League: Joe Public Football Club.

It is informative to note that no staff member associated with Joe Public Football Club in 2009 has chosen to join any other TT Pro League Club and this is testament to the vision of the club and the kindred spirit that exists within the club despite the attempts by some football clubs to harass both our players and staff with constant communication (via e-mail and telephone calls) even whilst the respective staff members are still under contract with Joe Public Football Club.

Notwithstanding, we welcome the attempts by other clubs to try to emulate the success of our club both on and off the field of play but object to the “by any means necessary” approach adopted by some clubs to replicate the achievements of Joe Public Football Club.  However, I (Daryll Warner) do note that my players and staff rather not “gamble” with their respective careers to join clubs that lack a foundation or proper planning but desire instant success by attempting to procure the services of our past and present technical staff as well as players.   This is a recipe for disaster and is not for the good of the game.  Gambling is for the casinos not the playing field of football in Trinidad and Tobago.

In closing, I would like to wish each and every person copied on this brief note a Merry Christmas (2009) and a happy, prosperous, as well as a crime-free 2010.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Joe Public Football Club office to get further updates with our on-going developments for the 2010 season as opposed to relying on erroneous reports and speculation from within the local football fraternity that exists in Trinidad and Tobago.