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Former national captain and owner of FC South End Anthony Rougier is appealing to the Pro League management to be a bit more patient with him as he seeks to clear off his debts with the league.

Rougier, a former national captain said when he took over as sole owner from David Farrell in February said with the takeover came debt as the club had outstanding money for the league. “When I took over everything fell on me and I was trying my best to offset the expenses, however, it was too big for me to handle.

We had something like over $120,000 for the league and it indicated that if the club could not clear the debt, it would be forced to drop the club for the season,” said Rougier.

The former national captain said he was seeking sponsorship from the business community and finally got some good news when he approached the Eastern Credit Union branch in Marabella.

“I was able to meet with the officials there and they have agreed to come on board and take up our debt. The credit union then made contact with the Pro League and indicated that it was going to take care of the debt, however, despite this, the league still handed us a deadline which passed last week,” he said.

He added that while the credit union has agreed to pick up the slack, there is some paper work that needs to be sorted out before the money could be handed over.