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After speaking with Mr Warner a while back about his plans for Joe Public FC in the 2006 season and beyond, this is what he revealed to me.

"My plans for Joe Public have always been consistent and this season it is no different, i.e. for the team to be totally professional in its outlook regardless of the league in which they play, that JPFC be the benchmark for other clubs in all areas both on and off the field of play and work continuously and consistently for the development of youth football in Trinidad and Tobago".

Mr. Warner even went as far as to defend his team when asked about all the foreign players that his club has signed for this season. "I have always maintained that we need to always stretch ourselves and strive to do better. If we always play with persons as the same level as us, this leaves no room for challenge, for growth. This is one of the reasons why clubs such as Joe Public are constantly on the look out for challenges that would help our team grow.  In any event, there are rules restricting the number of foreign players that are on the field during any one match and this has been deliberately done to give all players maximum exposure".

When asked if it will be possible for the fans on the Soca Warriors Online to listen to Joe Public or any Pro League club games live on the internet via a local Radio Station. Mr. Warner ended by saying that "this will have to be addressed by the Pro League administrators".


Just want to say thank you Mr. Warner for your time and your answers. Let the record show that JPFC coach Michael McCommie refused to comment this is why this article took so long to be published and partly in-completed.

These were the questions thrown out to coach McCommie.

1. Is this the first time you will be head coach of a local club team.
2. How high are you aiming for this season.
3. Do you feel enough is being done to market and run the League, is Dexter Skeene and Larry Romany the right men for the job then.
4. Which Pro League team(s) do you respect the most, in other words, who do you feel is capable of winning the Pro League other than W Connection or San Juan Jabloteh.
5. If you were asked to name the top 5 local coaches in T&T. Who will be on your list.
6. How was the experience playing for T&T in the 1991 Youth World Cup.
7. What are your plans for your future. Do you think you will be national coach one day.
8. If head coach Leo Beenhakker approached you and asked you to send your top 3 players from Joe Public for a national team trial, who will you send and why.