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Ria RamnarineTrinidad & Tobago's women's world boxing  champion Ria Ramnarine is backing DIRECTV North East Stars to win the F.A. Trophy on Friday. 

"I only wish I could be there to cheer the lads" said Ria, who is currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida training for her next big fight on 13th February against Colombia's Mayerli Altamar.

"I became associated with North East when they invited me to an event to raise awareness of women who were victims of domestic violence.

I was so impressed by the quality of the function and their determination to use their profile to help to highlight the many victims in society.

They're a great bunch of guys, and they're trying to do good things in their community"

Ramnarine, who's fight is at the Jean Pierre Complex, said she will be glad to get back into the ring "2010 ended up being a very frustrating year for me, but now I'm determined to make up for lost time and move forward. I hear that (Venezuelan) Ana Fernandez is calling for a world title fight in April, but at this time, my focus is 100% on 13th February"

Speaking of her preperation for the fight, the 5'2" boxer said " I'm enjoying great technical work, cardio, strength training, not to mention the sparring. Also doing the mental preparation. After being prepped at home by Sensei Ram and the boys, and training with these gals here, I am definitely gonna be more than ready for the fight!!"

"Speaking to some of the North East Stars players who have represented their country, we agreed that wearing the red, white & black lifts your performance to new levels. The pride I feel when representing Trinidad & Tobago is enormous, and hearing the crowd cheering me pushes me on every time"

DIRECTV North East Stars play San Juan Jabloteh in the F.A.Trophy final at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya on Friday 4th February. Kick off is at 7pm with a National Under 17 vs National Under 20 game at 5pm.

"I'll be expecting regular text updated during the match from Kevin (Harrison, North East Star's Operations Director) If he lets me down, my first punch on the 13th will be aimed at him" laughed Ria.

When asked if she had a message for the team, Ria replied "I know you'll give it 100% guys, but if you don't win that trophy, I'll come looking for you! Play safe and bring home the prize."

Ramnarine will be fighting Colombian Mayerli Altamar at the Jean Pierre complex on Sunday 13th February.