Latapy finalised U-15 Squad for Concacaf Championship.

This Country’s National Under 15 Boys Team will head off to Florida on Monday to contest the 2017 CONCACAF Under 15 Boys Championship at the IMG Academy.

Under head coach Russell Latapy, the team has been in training for the past six months and will be entering their first competition at Concacaf level having previously participated at the Cayman Airways International Cup in May.

Latapy finalised an 18-man squad on the weekend to head to the championship where T&T have been drawn into Group B alongside Costa Rica, United States and Canada. T&T opens their campaign on August 13th against Costa Rica and will play Canada a day later before closing off the group stage against the US on August 16th.

The other countries taking part include

Group A – Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica and Panama, 
Group B – Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, United States and Canada,
Group C – El Salvador, Bermuda, Martinique and Cuba, 
Group D – Haiti, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Curacao, 
Group E – Puerto Rico, Belize, Barbados and Guadeloupe, 
Group F – St Lucia, Suriname, Guyana and St Kitts/Nevis, 
Group G – Aruba, Cayman Islands, Bonaire and Saint Martin, 
Group H - Antigua/Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica and Sint Maarten, 
Group I – Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, French Guiana and St Vincent/Grenadines,
Group J - British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos.

Speaking about the preparations and the final team selection, Latapy, once an Under 1 5 T&T player himself, said he was anticipating the tournament and the opportunity to come up against three solid Concacaf opponents.

“I’m extremely happy with the group of players that we have and not only with the final group of players that were selected for the tournament but I am also happy with the players so far who have contributed to the level of where we’re at right now,” Latapy told TTFA Media.

“We’ve trained hard. We are up to five sessions per week in preparation for this tournament. We think that  technically and tactically the boys are starting to understand exactly what we are trying to do. We are not over confident going into the tournament but I am confident that we can give a good account of ourselves,” Latapy added.

“‘I’ll take this opportunity as well to thank the association for all the support we have had, especially with the challenges we have faced. We had a pretty extensive preparation period starting with the screening in the zones and so and we have had that opportunity to carry out the entire process,” the former Porto midfielder added.

“We have solid teams in our group and I’m very eager to see how we show up against them. I think these kind of tests of playing quality opponents at this level is critical and we will embrace this challenge. This is all about development now for these young boys,” Latapy said.

Latapy is currently also in charge of the Under 17 Men’s Team which also trains every week with this group set to be the next T&T Under 20 Men’s Team for the 2019 FIFA Under 20 World Cup qualifying campaign.

18-man Squad

1. Adriel George
2. Amaal Julien
3. Antonio Chee Ting
4. Cephas St. Rose
5. Darian Bradshaw
6. Ezekiel Kesar
7. Jabari Lee
8. Jahiem Wickam
9. Jaiye Sheppard
10. Jean-Heim Mc Fee
11. Josiah Edwards
12. Josiah Allen
13. Justin Araujo- Wilson
14. Kernel La Fon
15. Marc Wharfe
16. Randy Antoine
17. Rhowen Stewart- Williams
18. Zachary Welch

Team- Staff

1. Russell Latapy- Head Coach
2. Aaron Pollard- Manager
3. Duane Richardson- Assistant Coach
4. Otis Hislop- Physiotherapist
5. Rawle Webster- Trainer
6. Devin Elcock- Equipment Manager
7. Kevin Graham- Goalkeeper Coach

Additional Player Info

Name: Antonio Chee Ting [#4]
Date of Birth: 25 February 2002
Position: Right Center Back
School: Trinity College East
Club: Jabloteh
Hometown: La Horquetta

Name: Darian Bradshaw [#3]
Date of Birth: 20 May 2003
Position: Left Center Back/ Left Back
School: Queens Royal College
Club: St. Ann’s Rangers
Hometown: Chaguanas

Name: Rhowen Stewart- Williams [#12]
Date of Birth: 10 May 2002
Position: Right Back
School: St. Benedict’s College
Club: Club Sando
Hometown: San Fernando

Name: Ezekiel Kesar [#9]
Date of Birth: 27 March 2002
Position: Center Midfield
School: Naparima Boys College
Club: Point Fortin Civic
Hometown: Point Fortin

Name: Zachary Welch [#13]
Date of Birth: 04 June 2002
Position: Center Midfield
School: Fatima College
Club: Unattached
Hometown: Diego Martin

Name: Jabari Lee [#6]
Date of Birth: 23 August 2002
Position: Center Midfield
School: Pleasantville East
Club: W Connection
Hometown: San Fernando

Name: Jaiye Sheppard [#11]
Date of Birth: 16 February 2002
Position: Left Wing
School: Scarborough Secondary
Club: Phoenix FC
Hometown: Roxborough

Name: Josiah Edwards [#10]
Date of Birth: 17 March 2003
Position: Attacking Midfield
School: Brazil Secondary
Club: Jabloteh
Hometown: La Horquetta

Name: Jean-Heim Mc Fee [#7]
Date of Birth: 01 March 2002
Position: Center Forward
School: St. James Secondary
Club: St. Ann’s Rangers
Hometown: Diego Martin

Name: Justin Araujo-Wilson [#17]
Date of Birth: 26 August 2002
Position: Center Forward
School: Fatima College
Club: Defence Force
Hometown: Belmont

Name: Jahiem Wickham [#1]
Date of Birth: 26 February 2003
Position: Goal Keeper
School: St. Anthony’s College
Club: Trendsetter Hawks
Hometown: Diego Martin

Name: Josiah Allen [#8]
Date of Birth: 10 January 2002
Position: Right Wing
School: Shiva Boys Hindu College
Club: Unattached
Hometown: Penal

Name: Randy Antoine [#2]
Date of Birth: 23 August 2002
Position: Right Back
School: Arima North Secondary
Club: Jabloteh
HomeTown: Arima

Name: Cephas St. Rose [#5]
Date of Birth: 21 February 2002
Position: Right Center Back
School: Independiente Sabaneta
Club: Independiente Sabaneta FC
Hometown: Colombia

Name: Adriel George [#15]
Date of Birth: 10 September 2002
Position: Center Midfield
School: Bishops High School Tobago
Club: St. Clair Coaching School
Hometown: Calder Hall

Name: Aamal Julien [#14]
Date of Birth: 03 July 2003
Position: Center Forward/ Attacking Midfield
School: Point Fortin East Secondary
Club: Point Fortin Civic
Hometown: Point Fortin

Name: Kernel La Fon [#18]
Date of Birth: 11 January 2003
Position: Goal Keeper
School: Matura Secondary
Club: North East Stars
Hometown: Sangre Grande

Name: Marc Wharfe [#16]
Date of Birth: 25 May 2002
Position: Left Back
School: Maple Leaf International School
Club: Defence Force
Hometown: Maraval

Trinidad and Tobago Under-15 Team (wired868):

Goalkeepers: 1.Jahiem Wickham (St Anthony’s College/Trendsetter Hawks), 18.Kernel La Fon (Matura Secondary/North East Stars);

Defenders: 4.Antonio Chee Ting (Trinity College East/San Juan Jabloteh), 3.Darian Bradshaw (Queen’s Royal College/St Ann’s Rangers), 12.Rhowen Stewart-Williams (St Benedict’s College/Club Sando), 2.Randy Antoine (Arima North Secondary/San Juan Jabloteh), 5.Cephas St Rose (Independiente Sabaneta FC—Colombia), 16.Marc Wharfe (Maple Leaf International School/Skhy FC);

Midfielders: 9.Ezekiel Kesar (Naparima College/Point Fortin Civic), 13.Zachary Welch (Fatima College), 6.Jabari Lee (Pleasantville East/W Connection), 15.Adriel George (Bishops High School Tobago/St Clair Coaching School),

Attacking midfielders: 11.Jaiye Sheppard (Scarborough Secondary/Phoenix FC), 10.Josiah Edwards (Brazil Secondary/San Juan Jabloteh), 7.Jean-Heim Mc Fee (St James Secondary/St Ann’s Rangers), 8.Josiah Allen (Shiva Boys Hindu College);

Forwards: 17.Justin Araujo-Wilson (Fatima College/Skhy FC), 14.Aamal Julien (Point Fortin East Secondary/Point Fortin Civic).