Exclusive interview with U-15 national player, Sean De Silva.

SM: How did you feel when you were selected to the T&T U-15 team?
SDS: I felt very honoured to be selected. The fact of being a T&T player produced the feeling of excitement. The training was very intense, but in the end everything paid off as I made the cut for the tournament.

SM: Why did T&T fail to go all the way in the recently concluded U-15 tournament?
SDS: We had all the right things, a good coach, the best players, the home advantage, but my reason that T&T didn’t go all the way was due to the great tactics executed by the Guatemalans. They overcrowded us in the midfield causing our attack to become a non- factor throughout the game.

SM: Is the U-15 team still in training?
SDS: The Under 15 team will start back training with the new program starting this Sunday. We train in zones, North/East trains at U.W.I whilst South and further East train at the Ato Boldon stadium on Sundays.

SM: Do you plan to become a professional footballer? If yes, how do you hope to achieve this goal?
SDS: Yes, I do plan to become a professional footballer. Well to achieve this goal I will continue to try my best with the National team and hopefully get scouted and go on to do bigger things.

SM: Are you affiliated with any local clubs? If not, do you plan to join any youth teams?
SDS: I am affiliated with the La Foucade Soccer Clinic. We play in tournaments and that is the only club I am affiliated with at the moment. We are supposed to join Pro league this year so hopefully we could have a productive season.

SM: You have mentioned in the past that you look up to Chris Birchall, why is that?
SDS: He is a very good player, always has his head on in the game and always gives that extra effort in his attacking and defensive game. We all know he could strike the ball well and I think he is a player that any central midfielder should look up to.

SM: Describe your feelings when the final whistle blew on November 16, 2005.
SDS: I experienced all sorts of emotions when that final whistle blew. I could not believe that we did it and we were finally going to the World Cup. I am very proud of my country; that we accomplished qualification to the big stage.

SM: St. Mary's 2005 SSFL campaign did not go well. Do you personally hope to rectify this situation?
SDS: This season C.I.C had a disappointing campaign, but with effort and improvement, we as a team will have a good upcoming SSFL season.

SM: How has Dion La Foucade helped you in your quest to improve your game?
SDS: Dion La Foucade has taught me everything I know in the game of football. He has helped me with numerous one on one trainings and his soccer clinic has been invaluable to me. He has played an important role in my life of football, both mentally and physically. I have to give Coach Dion a lot of credit for me being the footballer I am today.

SM: Will you be going to Germany to support the Soca Warriors? If not, where do you plan to watch the games?
SDS: It wouldn’t be possible for me to go to Germany this year due to my CXC exams. I will definitely be supporting the Soca Warriors in this historic moment for our country; in Trotters and by my friends.

SM: Any favourite player or team?
SDS: My favourite player is Zidane. He is a brilliant player with great attributes. The thing I like best about Zidane is that he has that magic to get out of those impossible situations. My favourite team is the team Zidane is affiliated with, Real Madrid.

SM: Sean, everyone has realized that you are one of the gifted players on the team; do you have any pressure whatsoever to fulfill everyone’s expectations?  And if yes how do you deal with the pressure?
SDS: Yes, there is a lot of pressure trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations. To deal with the pressure I keep on training as hard as I can and to give that extra effort all the time and to try to improve my game at every opportunity I get.

SM: Lastly, what advice do you have to other young footballers trying to make it?
SDS: First, you have to have a lot of discipline. Keep on giving your best effort at all times and train very hard to help yourself; and another important factor is to enjoy yourself and love the game of football.

Note: Thank you Sean for doing this interview with the socawarriors.net forum. We all wish you all the best in the future of T&T football...