Wed, Oct

Former national goalkeeper Earl “Spiderman” Carter believes that the country’s young footballers are not getting proper coaching.
The acrobatic custodian who was a member of the famous 1989 “Strike Squad” which came within a point of qualifying for the 1990 World Cup in Italy said: “Our players from youth level are not getting the proper coaching because many of our top coaches are not interested in coaching at that level.” He added: “I am looking at the age bracket from Under-6 to Under-10 where you play eight-a-side. After that, it moves to 11-a-side football.”

Carter has expressed the view that local coaches prefer to concentrate on the senior-level football because there is no excitement and media coverage at the developmental stage or junior level football.”

According to Carter, “this is where our best coaches are needed because when you take kids from that age-group you are able to introduce good habits, particularly the technical aspect of the game.”

He explained further that, “If this problem could be addressed, we would see a major transformation in our football both among boys and girls. This is the strong point of America today, as well as some other CONCACAF countries like Mexico, Canada and Honduras which have very strong youth programmes.”

He stressed further that one of the strengths of these countries, particularly America, is that many top coaches and players migrate there, to impart their knowledge. “I am one of those.” Carter said.

“In TT we have a 1.5 milion population and we cannot afford to be losing our players. Our coaching is geared to developing our youths too late and I feel that many of the crime committed today is because of a neglect of an infrastructure to provide the youth with something to do during the day and night,” Carter noted.

“We must start grooming these kids from a young age. Only then they would have a positive outlook on life and something to look forward to when the day comes.”