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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation will be launching its U-15 Boys Development Programme (for boys born 1 January 1994 or after) at 9 am at Gilbert Park , Couva on Saturday 15th August.


Over the past year the Federation has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring succession planning in the sport, and the U-15 is its latest endeavor. The Programme is an integral component of the Federation’s preparatory activates for the U-17 World Cup in 2011.

TTFF Special Advisor Jack Warner, who was instrumental in the progrmame’s formation, says this initiative is testimony to the TTFF’s commitment to the development of youth football

“ We cannot just have our eyes on South Africa 2010 , we must see beyond , we must prepare for our future. We are nation of talented sport men and women, is we harness this energy and shape it , we will become an unstoppable giant in any sphere. The Federation understands the importance of the development of youth football , the U-15 development programme is essential tool in our ability to move forward in the future. Winning games isn’t Luck. Luck is that phenomena which occurs when preparation meets opportunity. This programme will ensure that the two not just meet but collide”

The screening activates will be conducted over the next three weeks.


Trials will be conducted at the following venues:

Saturday 15 August
·  Central FA:  Couva (9:00 AM Gilbert Park).

Sunday 16 August

·  Eastern Counties FU:  Mayaro (9:00 AM Recreation Ground; Matura (2:00 PM Recreation Ground).

Saturday 22 August

·  Eastern FA:  Arima (9:00 AM Larry Gomes Stadium (training field).

Sunday 23 August

·  Tobago FA:  Goodwood (9:00 AM Recreation Ground).

Saturday 29 August

·  Southern FA:  Pt. Fortin (9:00 AM Techier Village); San Fernando (2:00 PM Skinner Park).

Sunday 30 August

· Northern FA: Port of Spain (9:00 AM Queen’s Park Savannah)