Wed, Aug

Latapy: “Let your football do the talking”

Former National Football Captain Russell Latapy has issued an appeal to players to let their “football do the talking”.

The current national Under 17 and Under 15 Head Coach, directed his statements at current day players on the National Team, professional players and aspiring national players, saying that as athletes their primary focus should be delivering on the field of play.

For a long time I’ve stood by and listened to some of the younger players voice their opinions regarding the game of football. I would like to share my thoughts, especially, at this time when a player, namely, Jan-Michael Williams,  in his lack of wisdom and understanding can boldly make statements about the Honourable Minister of Sport and the Sport Ministry.

“Firstly, Acknowledgement comes with Achievement! The type of achievement required to be successful in football is playing at a high level, motivating other players, and building team spirit and comradery for your team and country while working tirelessly to be at the top of the CFU and Concacaf. It is also taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming others.

“Secondly, If you want acknowledgement you do not need to ask for it. Acknowledgement involves playing professionally for an extended period in a league that is considered a top professional league and not just for a few months.

“So kid, my advice to you is: talk less, defend more and I look forward to you being part of a successful National Team.”