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National Under 23 striker Jamal Gay is focusing on having an impressive spell in the upcoming Olympic final qualifying round and taking this country to the London Olympics.

There have been reports of a possible move to the American MLS but Gay is aware that if that does come through it could affect his preparation time with the T&T team in the next few weeks as they prepare for the tournament which kicks off on March 22.

“At the end of the day, qualifying for the Olympics is the main focus for me and my teammates,” said Gay who has been in good form for Caledonia AIA.

“I know there are a couple options to move abroad but hopefully it will work out well in good time."

Reflecting on his goalscoring performance in T&T Under 23s 1-0 win over Finland last Wednesday, Gay added: “It’s always good to score because I’m playing striker at the end of the day so scoring goals is my role.  If I don’t score, then it’s not that big of a deal being out there.

“Coach Angus pushes me a lot. Even when I’m not having my best day, he still makes me believe I can do something. The first half was a lot difficult because I was alone up there but our psychologist Mr Trevor James works with us and he helps me to be tough and keep on working until something happens.

We believe in our ability and we believe that we can go ahead and qualify for the Olympics. We are working very hard on and off the pitch to try and make this happen,” Gay ended.