Sun, Oct


SPOKESPERSON for the Penco Land Association Rana Persad is saying that the body initially agreed to allow Trinidad and Tobago women’s footballer Ahkeela Mollon to use the Penco Gardens Ground in Longdenville, but the national player breached all protocol in using the field.

Mollon wanted to use the Penco Gardens Ground for the M12 Football Revolution Camp Week for youngsters between ages three and 14.

However the venue, which is a private ground owned by the residents of Penco Gardens, is now being used by Mollon for aerobics and adult footballers which has upset the Penco Gardens residents.

Persad said, “the ground does not belong to the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, it is a private ground that belongs to the people in the area which is the Penco Lands Association.

Miss Mollon gave you (Newsday) a report and it has some lies in it and this is why we are upset.” He added, “Miss Mollon breached all protocol in terms of the usage of this ground.

Miss Mollon came onto the ground without any authorisation from this body (Penco Land Association).

She was given permission by someone who lives in the area who is not in the Association.” Persad explained the councillor for the Edinburgh/Longdenville area Janelle Joe-Ryan gave Mollon permission by word of mouth to use the facility.

“Initially we did not have a problem with it (the camp).

The ground was supposed to be for 62 youths and she was supposed to use the far part of the ground so she would not hamper any of the residents or their children.” The Association agreed that she could utilise part of the ground for the youth camp but Mollon did not abide.

“Only there after we realise that a lot of strange people were coming into the area and we realise she is now hosting aerobics classes and hosting adults for football training.

We give objections to that because initially this is not what it was for.” Mollon moved the youth camp to the Edinburgh 500 Recreation Ground in Chaguanas after 25 loads of sand was placed on the ground.

Mollon believes the sand was placed on the ground to prevent the youth camp from taking place, but Persad said the ground is saturated and the sand was placed there to improve the condition of the ground.

“If you go on the ground now it is saturated in some spots, that material was not placed there to prevent Miss Mollon.

We indicated to her that we are going to do works on the ground. We are not the ones causing the harm.

“We respect her position, she is a national athlete. We will give Mollon her dues but you can’t come and chastise us.” The Penco Gardens residents are open to a meeting with the Mayor of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation Gopaul Boodhan to help resolve the issue.

“I spoke to the Mayor (on Tuesday) morning and he indicated that he will make sometime to deal with the matter.

We are looking like the big bad wolf right now and we are not.”