Thu, Sep


Blackpool Sports Club from Mt Lambert, will be staging their 26th anniversary football match in memory of one of their foundation members, Cecil “Rajay” Joseph, at the Aranguez Savannah on Sunday, from 4 pm.

In the past, the club has honoured former sporting and cultural icons for their contributions to the country.

Among those previously honoured were Alvin Corneal, Sedley Joseph, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Selris Figaro, Kelvin “KB” Berassa, Gerry Browne, Lincoln “Tiger” Phillips, Leroy De Leon, Ellis and Vernon Sadaphal, Leon “Smooth” Edwards, Ron La Forest, Ulric “Buggy” Haynes and Kent Bernard, a hometown hero from Petit Bourg.

This year, the club will also be paying tribute to former West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer, Harold “Harry Joe” Joseph, who was also a good footballer, and played for Moosai’s Sports in the Aranguez league.

The late Jit Samaroo, a ninetime Panorama winner with BP Renegades, will also be given a posthumous award. His award will be received by his son Amrit, who is also a pan arranger. Other individuals who will be recognised are Cecil “Ju Ju” Brewster, Grantly “Garbo” Boyce, Garvin and Garthorne Craig, Harold “Falcon” Richards, Rasheed “Nagar” Ali, “Parry” Parris, Lennox “Marcus” Marcano and Neville”Romeo” Salandy.

The event is organised by Leslie Joseph, a former first division footballer with Maple, and his brother, Lloyd “Golden Boy” Joseph, a former forward with Blackpool and Colts.

The teams for Sunday’s match will be skippered by “Harry Joe” and Garvin Craig and will include some of the previously mentioned players together with Stephen “Gomo” Gomez, Douglas St Hill and his brother Winfield, “Speck” Ramoutar, Dexter “Funk” Joseph, Rory Gajadhar and many others from the San Juan and surrounding areas. Admission is free.