Thu, Sep


Football is on the minds of many as the 2018 World Cup count down taking place.

As the official licensed broadcaster of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Guardian Media Limited through its subsidiary CNC3, cranks things up a bit with its unique and innovative Fete Five Football (FFF) competition which kicks off today at ML Ball Park (formerly Marvin Lee Stadium) in Macoya from 2pm and runs for nine consecutive weekends ending on June 2.

FFF is essentially, a skills and drills competition which adapts some of the sport's most basic training exercises into fun, novelty drills to test the technical ability of the average player as it targets fete match teams and amateur players over the age of 18.

Each match day will be filmed and subsequently developed into nine episodes which will be aired on CNC3 every Thursday from 8pm hosted by popular social media comedian Keevan "Keevo" Lewis.

Think you can pass, shoot, dribble and score? Well let's see you do it under the pressure of a ticking clock, heavy expectation from your teammates and unrelenting banter from the opposition.

With six "man caves" on the line for the winning team on June 2, the competition will be intense.

Added to the skills and drills component, teams will also be engaged in the more traditional form of the game with a 5-a-side small goal "bragging rights" competition to complete each of the 9 match days.

Best of all, to the event is absolutely free as the GML team aims to create the perfect atmosphere for competition and television.

The first teams in action:

Bompton United (Bon Air Gardens)

Ghetto Youths (Arouca)

Retro Stars (San Fernando)

Ronco FC (Barrackpore)

Yellow Fever (Gasparillo)

Dream Team (El Socorro)

Grande Stars (Sangre Grande)