CoP gets 300 balls

POLICE COMMISSIONER Gary Griffith was given 300 footballs on Thursday by former president of the Supermarkets Association Baliram Maharaj.

Maharaj gave Griffith the balls at the weekly police media briefing at Sackville Street, Port of Spain.

Maharaj said it was an honour and pleasure to donate to the Commissioner’s Cup as he congratulated Griffith on his social work.

“I recall the commissioner starting a competition to get the youths involved in football. I decided to speak to him and offer him the 300 balls for that project. I told him if we get 300 balls to 300 teams, we will have 3,000 youths that will not get involved in any life of crime.”

The Commissioner’s Cup is an Under-18 football tournament that was scheduled to start in August. In July it was postponed owing to the guidelines set out for outdoor activities in battling the covid19 pandemic. The guidelines stipulated only 25 people were allowed per game.

Maharaj called on the nation to pray that the impasse between FIFA and the TT Football Association (TTFA) is soon ended.

Last week FIFA suspended TTFA which meant T&T is excluded from all FIFA-sanctioned tournaments. The length of the suspension was not given.

T&T was preparing to take part in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup.

The announcement by FIFA came the day after the United TTFA, led by William Wallace, decided to withdraw its court matter against FIFA. After the suspension, TTFA withdrew its withdrawal and the matter is now before the courts.

Maharaj added that as someone who played football 60 years ago, he is concerned how FIFA’s suspension will help football, especially those who intend to represent T&T.

He said it will be difficult to get FIFA to change the suspension and hopes the court matter will end soon.

“Let us all pray for that matter to be settled and nation to return to normalcy.

"Lastly, I want all of T&T to support this youth event and to ensure football continues alive and kicking.”