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Ottley queries outstanding $$ owed from 2016

RYAN OTTLEY, manager of Defence Force’s Super League team, is hopeful his squad would be allowed to participate in the 2018 TT Super League (TTSL) season.

Defence Force were one of eight teams from the 2017 season who were not permitted to feature this year due to either non-compliance or non-payment of fees.

Ottley, in an interview, on Wednesday, complained that Defence Force have yet to receive the $100,000 jackpot from winning the Premiership Division of the 2015/2016 season, but have to fork out $50,000 to play in this year’s edition.

“The Super League owes the Defence Force $100,000 from the 2016 season and we still have not received it yet,” said Ottley. “The argument in that regard is this – you’re owing me some money, you can’t pay me but you’re asking me to pay you. It’s a little bit of tit-for-tat.”

He added, “It’s a bit of an uncomfortable position where you can’t even pay money that is owing but you’re asking men to pay money to run a competition again.”

Ottley, who failed in his bid to unseat Keith Look Loy as TTSL president last year, pointed out that the current economic woes afflicting the twin-island republic have also been a factor in Defence Force’s inability to pay the registration fee.

“However, we did ask for an extension and it was totally disregarded by the executive at the general meeting at the TTSL,” Ottley said. “In that same meeting, an extension was granted for two clubs, Erin FC and Phoenix. From my take, that’s a kind of bias because we asked for one and it wasn’t granted, but you granted it for two others. You’re being unfair to the Defence Force in that regard.

“It’s not a good thing at all for football, especially as Defence Force has been a part of (the Super League) from the inception,” he added.

Asked what would be the team’s next step, Ottley replied, “I’ve written to the TTFA, indicating the circumstances under which Defence Force is being debarred from playing in the 2018 season. I’ve also identified the clear biasness by what was enforced by the Super League executive.”

Ottley, who is a flying officer in the TT Defence Force, ended, “I’m still awaiting their response on the matter. I’m hopeful that good sense will prevail, just like how it would have prevailed in the TTFA compliance meeting, and that the team will be allowed to play in the 2018 season. If not, we’ll make a decision moving forward.”