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RANDY HAGLEY, owner of former Super League champions Guaya United, is unaware about any breakaway league, comprising former Super League clubs.

According to a report in a daily newspaper, on Friday, approximately 12 clubs were planning to form their own competition, with prize money on offer.

Hagley, in a telephone interview, said, “(I was) asked if there would be a new league separate from the Super League this year, and I said I’m not aware of that. But if there is a new league and it’s for the better of the game, Guaya would be taking part in that league.”

The registration fee for clubs to participate in the Super League is $45,000. However, due to a lack of a sponsor, there has been no cash prizes available for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. “You can’t make a man spend money to register in a league and, at the end of a season, you can’t (even) win $10. It just can’t work,” said Hagley.

Have Guaya United given the Pro League a thought? Hagley replied, “We (are not) doing that. We like the community football. We don’t have the facilities for Pro League.”

When contacted on Friday, a Super League official said a number of the clubs were still disappointed that they could not compete in the 2018 edition, due to registration and compliance issues. The league will be hosting a general meeting at the Queen’s Park Oval, St Clair on January 26 from 2 pm.