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ERIN FC president Jason Gordon has distanced himself from a document he said he was tricked into signing, which called on TT Super League (TTSL) secretary Peter Thomas to convene an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to remove league president Keith Look Loy.

Newsday received a copy of the document, which listed 15 signatures, purporting to represent the clubs. The document says, "We the members find it necessary to remove our current representative on the TTFA board of directors, President Keith Look Loy, as said representative has been representing his personal and club agendas rather than representing that of the Trinidad and Tobago Football League..."

The TTSL consists of 22 member clubs. At least 12 compliant members must sign for the league secretary to call the EGM.

However, at least two clubs listed on the document have distanced themselves from the document, while four (Central 500 Spartans, Siparia Spurs, Youth Stars and 1976 Phoenix FC) are non-compliant. Another club with a signature, Perseverance United FC, has never been a TTSL member.

Erin FC owner Jason Gordon, when contacted by Newsday yesterday, said he was handed the document on the page with the signatures and was told the purpose of the document was to call a meeting. He said he was not told that the purpose was to remove Look Loy from the post.

"I do feel violated," Gordon said, in a brief telephone interview. "I was definitely tricked."

Gordon shared no more information but said he plans to issue a formal statement distancing himself and the club from the document.

Look Loy, when contacted, said the document was the work of those trying to silence him.

"This is the response of people who are being threatened by my ongoing battle for transparency and good governance in the TTFA. In serious ways, this petition is invalid and even fraudulent," Look Loy said.

He added: "If I were to be removed from the board, I would no longer be entitled to the information I am seeking in court as a board member. This is what it is about."

Newsday contacted the individual who allegedly gathered the signatures but he declined comment.

The individual recently challenged for a Super League position but was unsuccessful.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday