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BETHEL UNITED will have a chance to claim the Terminix Super League crown, on Saturday, when they face Matura ReUnited in a rescheduled Match Day 13 encounter, at the Matura Recreation Ground.

The League, in a media release on Monday, said the result of Bethel’s November 10 match against Police, which took place at the Mt Gomery Recreation Ground, will remain 2-0 in Bethel’s favour.

Initially, Police protested the unfit state of the ground and were awarded a 3-0 win, via default, from the disciplinary committee. But Bethel, on December 15, were successful in appealing the disciplinary committee’s decision to give Police full points from that fixture.

Bethel have a tally of 28 points from 11 matches, one point less than league leaders Prisons Service FC, who have finished their 2019 campaign.

On December 15, Prisons Service FC and Police played to a 2-2 draw, at the YTC Ground in Arouca. After that match, the League initially issued a media release which declared Prisons as the 2019 champions. However, a half-hour later, the League sent another release, which announced Bethel’s successful appeal.

Both Prisons Service and Police queried the events of December 15, but the League have made it clear that Bethel’s initial result, on November 10, will stand.

George Joseph, a co-ordinator with Bethel United, has called for the League to adapt their by-laws whereby all participating teams will be aware of disciplinary matters, instead of the affected parties.

“It’s just unfortunate for (Prisons) really,” said Joseph on Monday. “Probably that’s something that the League might have to look (at) going forward. Remember Prisons (weren’t) a party to this. Who should have been informed were Police and Bethel.

“Whether the whole group should have been informed, I don’t know. (The League) probably might have to look at that and, if everybody agrees, then they might have to accept it in the by-laws.”

According to Joseph, “I could understand where (Prisons) are coming from. For me, the Disciplinary Committee took too long (before) they gave their written decision. The written decision had to go before the Appeals Committee for them to judge.

“The Appeals Committee didn’t get that decision until the 10th of December, and the Appeals Committee gave their decision on the Sunday (15th). I don’t know if it’s within the rules of the Super League that you have to inform everybody because, subsequent to that, we are now knowing that they have several disciplinary matters and appeals that we weren’t aware of either.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday