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TTSL Interim President Jameson Rigues

The T&T Super League (TTSL) board believes its interim president, Jameson Rigues, has put the league into “national and international disrepute.”

This stance, the board said, comes one day after the TTSL’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was “unilaterally aborted” by Rigues.

The purpose of AGMs is mainly to elect a new executive board. Rigues, then first vice-president, became interim president in October following the resignation of former head Keith Look Loy. And former Strike Squad captain Clayton Morris is his sole competitor for the position of president.

But according to media reports, Rigues said the election will only happen “post-covid19.”

In a release on Monday, the board said Rigues has embarked on a “sad and destructive path that undermines football democracy and the rule of law according to the TTSL” since Look Loy’s resignation.

“Mr Rigues has refused to recognise and accept the collective authority and decision making of the TTSL board and has repeatedly undertaken unilateral actions that disregard the league’s bylaws and the TTSL board

“He has issued statements on behalf of the league that have not been discussed and/or sanctioned by the TTSL Board. All of this (was done) on ‘TTSL stationery’ which should be sent out by the league secretary.”

The board said Rigues has given “completely fallacious verbal and written statements” to local and international media to purport the belief that the league is in “chaos".

“He has abused the authority of the chair at the TTSL 2020 AGM held on November 29, culminating in him unilaterally aborting the meeting

“Rigues left a WhatsApp group chat that he created for the TTSL Board on 15th November 2020 and called a meeting on November 24 without at least 24 hours’ notice to board members. Board members indicated they could not attend but he never rescheduled the meeting.”

The board will meet again on Tuesday at 7 pm “to decide on a course of action for the continuation of the ongoing TTSL 2020 AGM.”

Newsday contacted Look Loy for a comment but he said he had none to give.

Editor's note: A story published on December 1 titled "Super League secretary slams Rigues after 'aborted' AGM" attributed statements from a T&T Super League press release to its secretary Peter Thomas, who signed the document. The statements were in fact from the Super League board of directors.