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Jabloteh dominate at Republic Youth League.

JABLOTEH were the dominant team on Sunday, in the Under-12 and Under-14 divisions of the East Zone, as the Republic Bank National Youth Football League got underway this weekend.

 The Jabloteh squad, in the Under-12 segment, trounced Acono Football Academy 6-0 but followed up with a narrow 2-1 victory over the aforementioned opponents. 

But Jabloteh registered a pair of 3-1 victories over Malabar Young Stars, to top the Under-12 Group Two category. 

Jabloteh were even more convincing in the Under-14 Group Two section, as they did not concede a goal in any of their four fixtures. 

Against Tunapuna Titans, Jabloteh prevailed 9-0 and 3-0 while, against Joe Public, the Jabloteh outfit triumphed 8-0 and 4-0.

Results - Match Day One (July 26) - 

North Zone Under-12 - 

TRENDSETTER HAWKS (1) - Real Gill 13th vs SKHY (0). 

ST ANN’S RANGERS (3) - Tyrek Forbes 10th; Pharell Streete 15th; Nicoli Trujillo 19th vs LAVENTILLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB (0). 

TRENDSETTER HAWKS (7) - Kaim Thomas 1st, 40th; Real Gill 4th, 13th; Jerome Frederick 17th; Jahiem Morris 23rd; Tafari Haynes 24th vs P&D COACHING SCHOOL (2) - Naim Bisnath 14th; Jahiem Granderson 34th. 

ST ANN’S RANGERS (3) - Jabari Worrel 13th; Pharell Streete 17th; Kaymani Perreira 23rd vs SKHY (1) - Justin Seaburn 21st. 

P&D COACHING SCHOOL (3) - Naim Bisnath 10th, 35th; Joshua Stewart 29th vs LAVENTILLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB (2) - Jermie Ashby 27th, 37th. 

Under-14 - 

TRENDSETTER HAWKS (1) - Malik Matthews 11th vs ST ANN’S RANGER S (1) - Brandon Timothy 30th. 

HARVARD SPORTS CLUB (3) - Malaki Waldron 13th; Triston Cuffie 27th; Jahie Solomon 33rd vs LAVENTILLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB (1) - Josiah Joseph 24th. 

ST ANN’S RANGERS (5) - Brandon Timothy 5th, 14th; Jabari Franklyn 2nd; Naphtali Carrington 34th; Quassim Dowers 41st vs HARVARD (0). 

TRENDSETTER HAWKS (7) - Che Benny 40th, 44th; Isaiah Finch 12th; Jaleen James 16th; Malik Matthews 21st; Cecil Young 30th; Jesse Williams 45th vs LAVENTILLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB (0). 

TRENDSETTER HAWKS (5) - Jesse Williams 4th; Isaiah Finch 14th; Jaleen James 35th; Che Benny 44th; Cecil Young 49th vs HARVARD SPORTS CLUB (0). 

ST ANN’S RANGERS (5) - Brandon Timothy 9th, 36th; Joel Sampson 38th, 50th; Jabari Franklyn 39th vs LAVENTILLE UNITED SPORTS CLUB (0). 

East Zone Under-12 (Group One) - 

SANTA ROSA FC (1) - Jashawn Thomas 31st vs TUNAPUNA TITANS (1) - Terrel Ramsahanie 12th. 

LA FLORISSANTE (2) - Dnaiel Ramcharitar 8th, 22nd vs SANTA CRUZ FA (2) - Cadeem Jackie 2nd; Yohan Perouse 36th. 

TUNAPUNA TITANS (4) - Nicholas Collins 16th, 27th, 37th; Josiah Joseph 2nd vs LA FLORISSANTE (1) - Antoine Williams 27th. 

SANTA ROSA FC (2) - Nathaniel James 12th; Jashawn Thomas 29th vs SANTA CRUZ FA (0). 

SANTA ROSA FC (3) - Jardel Gray 19th; Jashawn Thomas 32nd; J’Hayden Sealey 40th vs LA FLORISSANTE (0). 

SANTA CRUZ FA (2) - Yohan Perouse 28th; Jaydon Charles 37th vs TUNAPUNA TITANS (0). 

East Zone Under-14 (Group One) - 

WASA FC (5) - Brandon Semper 3rd; Tyrese Williams 11th; Ackeem Mason 30th; Josim Soo 43rd; Shakiel Cyrus 50th vs SANTA ROSA (0). 

MALABAR YOUNG STARS (4) - Kishon Hackshaw 30th, 31st; Jabari Anthony 1st; Mikhail Mollino 32nd vs SANTA CRUZ FA (0). 

WASA FC (7) - Jalani Augustus 11th, 12th; Josim Soo 4th; Gabriel John 7th; Dwight Yorke 10th; Jerome Arrindell 19th; Zidane Liverpool 21st vs SANTA CRUZ FA (0). 

SANTA ROSA FC (2) - Dexter Medina 19th, 25th vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (2) - Kishon Hackshaw 10th; Jabari Anthony 16th. 


WASA FC (2) - Gabriel John 12th; Ackeem Mason 37th vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (0). 

Match Day One (July 26) - 

East Zone Under-12 (Group Two) - 

JABLOTEH (6) - Elijah Quow 7th, 21st; Josiah Edwards 8th, 18th; Jeevan Granderson 5th; Jaedan Miller 23rd vs ACONO FOOTBALL ACADEMY (0). 

ACONO FOOTBALL ACADEMY (3) - Malachi Garcia 15th, 20th; Reon Nakhid 11th vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (0).

JABLOTEH (3) - Jeremiah Viarruel 12th, 18th; Isaiah Raymond 23rd vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (1) - Jevaughn Ramroop 28th. 

JABLOTEH (2) - Jaedan Miller 8th; Dorian Sampson 19th vs ACONO FOOTBALL ACADEMY (1) - Jevaughn Ramroop 24th. 

ACONO FOOTBALL ACADEMY (3) - Jabari Gordon 17th; Daniel Best 24th; Tyrell Charles 32nd vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (0). 

JABLOTEH (3) - Tariq Mulraine 19th; Jaedan Miller 23rd; Antonio Chee Ting 26th vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (1) - Bevon Jessemy 30th. 

East Zone Under-14 (Group Two) - 

JABLOTEH (9) - Kesean St Rose 6th, 21st, 24th; Tyrese Bailey 10th, 15th; Somande Prieto 5th; Darian Parks 12th; Rakim Cabie 17th; Kerdell Sween 28th vs TUNAPUNA TITANS (1) - Kemar Campbell 28th. 

JABLOTEH (8.) - Nicholas Romany 5th, 12th, 26th, 27th; Rakim Cabie 10th, 14th; Tyrese Bailey 22nd; Nickel Orr 29th vs JOE PUBLIC (0). 

TUNAPUNA TITANS (6) - Kemar Campbell 13th, 17th, 27th, 34th; Nicholas Collins 11th; Yohann Anthony 23rd vs JOE PUBLIC (0). 

JABLOTEH (3) - Nicholas Romany 16th, 27th; Jadel Brown 34th vs TUNAPUNA TITANS (0). 

JABLOTEH (4) - Tyrese Bailey 9th; Jodel Brown 15th; Kesean St Rose 31st; Terrel Roberts 34th vs JOE PUBLIC (0). 

TUNAPUNA TITANS (3) - Kemar Campbell 18th; Johan Anthony 32nd; Kendell James 41st vs JOE PUBLIC (1). 


Jabloteh, Trendsetter Hawks top Republic Youth League standings.
T&T Guardian Reports.

Nicholas Romany and Tyrese Bailey were among a group of Jabloteh players, who guided their team to a nearly flawless start to their challenge of the Republic Bank National Youth League, on Saturday.

The weekend brought a start to the full 11-a-side football league in the divisions of Under-12 and U-14 in the North and East Zones. Jabloteh played a total of eight matches on the day and won every one.

Romany and Bailey finished the day with six and four goals, respectively, while Kesean St Rose also got four in as many matches. Jabloteh, traditionally a powerhouse in the East Zone won its four matches by a combined score of 24-1.

The club was similarly dominant in the U-12 division, where it secured four wins from four matches, largely due to the efforts of Jaeden Miller, who scored three goals in four matches, as well as Elijah Quow, Josiah Edwards and Jeremiah Viarruel, all of whom scored two goals each.

In the North Zone, Trendetter Hawks also topped the standings in both the U-14 and U-16 divisions. The U-12 team won its opening two matches with Real Gill on target three times, while their older clubmates secured two wins and one draw. Action will is expected to commence in the U-10 division of the North and East Zones this weekend, while the North Zone’s U-12 and U-14 divisions will conclude their group fixtures.

The top eight teams from the zonal play-offs will enter the national quarterfinals. The national finals will be played on August 23.

Results [Saturday]


East Zone - Group One

FC Santa Rosa 1 (Jashawn Thomas 31st) v Tunapuna Titans 1 (Terrel Ramsahanie 12th)

La Florissant 2 (Daniel Ramcharita 8th, 22nd) v Santa Cruz FA 2 (Cadeem Jackie 2nd, Yohan Perouse 36th)
Tunapuna Titans 4 (Josiah Joseph 2nd, Nicholas Collins 16th, 27th, 37th) v La Florissant 1 (Antoine Williams 27th)

Santa Rosa FC 2 (Nathaniel James 12th, Jashawn Thomas 29th) v Santa Cruz FA 0

Santa Rosa FC 3 (Jardel Gray 19th, Jashawn Thomas 32nd, J’Hayden Sealey 40th) v La Florissant 0
Santa Cruz FA 2 v Tunapuna Titans 0

North Zone

Trendsetter Hawks 1 (Real Gill 13th) v SKHY 0

St Ann’s Rangers 3 (Tyrek Forbes 10th, Pharell Streete 15th, Nicoli Trujillo 19th) v Laventille Utd SC 0 

Trendsetter Hawks 7 (Kaim Thomas 1st, 40th, Real Gill 4th, 13th, Jerome Frederick 17th, Jaheim Morris 23rd, Tafari Haynes 24th) v P&D Coaching School 2 (Naim Bisnath 14th, Jaheim Granderson 34th)

St Ann’s Rangers 3 (Jabari Worrel 13th, Pharell Streete 17th, Kaymani Perreira 23rd) v SKHY 1 (Justin Seaburn 21st)

P&D Coaching School 3 (Naim Bisnath 10th, 35th, Joshua Stewart 29th) v Laventille United SC 2 (Jermie Ashby 27th, 37th)


East Zone - Group One

WASA FC 5 (Brandon Semper 3rd, Tyrese Williams, Ackeem Mason 30th, Josim Soo 43rd, Shakeil Cyrus 50th) v Santa Rosa 0

Malabar Young Stars 4 (Jabari Anthony 1st, Kishon Hackshaw 30th, 31st, Mikhail Molino 32nd) v Santa Cruz FA 0

WASA FC 7 (Josim Soo 4th, Gabriel John 7th, Dwight Yorke 10th, Jalani Augustus 11th, 12th, Jerome Arrindell 19th, Zidane Liverpool 21st) v Santa Cruz FA 0

Santa Rosa FC 2 (Dexter Medina 19th, 25th) v Malabar Young Stars 2 (Kishon Hackshaw 10th, Jabari Anthony 16th)

Santa Rosa FC 6 (Jirel Meloney 2, Jabari Darceuil, John Paul Rochford 2, Angelo Williams) v Santa Cruz FA 0
WASA FC 2 (Gabriel John 12th, Ackeem Mason 37th) v Malabar Young Stars 0

North Zone

Trendsetter Hawks 1 (Malik Matthews 11th) v St Ann’s Rangers 1 (Brandon Timothy 30th)

Harvard SC 3 (Malaki Waldron 13th, Triston Cuffie 27th, Jahie Solomon 33rd) v Laventille Utd SC 1 (Josiah Joseph 24th)

St Ann’s Rangers 5 (Jabari Franklyn 2nd, Brandon Timothy 5th, 14th, Naphtali Carrington 34th, Quassim Dowers 41st) v Harvard 0

Trendsetter Hawks 7 (Isiah Finch 12th, Jaleen James 16th, Malik Matthews 21st, Cecil Young 30th, Che Benny 40th, 44th, Jesse Williams 45th) v Laventille Utd SC 0

Trendsetter Hawks 5 (Jesse Williams 4th, Isiah Finch 14th, Jaleen James 35th, Che Benny 44th, Cecil Young 49th) v Harvard 0

St Ann’s Rangers 5 (Brandon Timothy 9th, 36th, Joel Sampson 38th, 50th, Jabari Franklyn 39th) v Laventille United SC 0



East Zone - Group Two

Jabloteh 6 (Jeevan Granderson 5th, Elijah Quow 7th, 21st, Josiah Edwards 8th, 18th, Jaeden Miller 23rd) v Acono Football Academy 0

Acono Football Academy 3 (Malachi Garcia 15th, 20th, Reon Nakhid 11th) v Malabar Young Stars 0

Jabloteh 3 (Jeremiah Viarruel 12th, 18th, Isiah Raymond 23rd) v Malabar Young Stars 1 (Jevaughn Ramroop 28th)

Jabloteh 2 (Jaeden Miller 8th, Dorian Sampson 19th) v Acono Football Academy 1 (Jevaughn Ramroop 24th)

Acono Football Academy 3 (Jabari Gordon 17th, Daniel Best 24th, Tyrell Charles 32nd) v Malabar Young Stars

Jabloteh 3 (Tariq Mulraine 19th, Jaeden Miller 23rd, Antonio Chee Ting 26th) v Malabar Young Stars 1 (Bevon Jessemy 30th)


East Zone - Group Two

Jabloteh 9 (Somande Prieto 5th, Tyrese Bailey 10th, 15th, Darian Parks 12th, Kesean St Rose 6th, 21st, 24th, Rakim Cabie 17th, Kerdell Sween 28th) v Tunapuna Titans 1 (Kemar Campbell 28th)

Jabloteh 8 (Rakim Cabie 10th, 14th, Nicholas Romany 5th, 12th, 26th, 27th, Tyrese Bailey 22nd, Nickel Orr 29th) v Joe Public 0

Tunapuna Titans 6 (Nicholas Collins 11th, Kemar Campbell 13th, 17th, 27th, 34th, Yohann Anthony 23rd) v Joe Public 0

Jabloteh 3 (Nicholas Romany 16th, 27th, Jadel Brown 34th) v Tunapuna Titans 0

Jabloteh 4 (Tyrese Bailey 9th, Jodel Brown 15th, Kesean St Rose 31st, Terrel Roberts 34th) v Joe Public 0

Tunapuna Titans 3 (Kemar Campbell 18th, Johan Anthony 32nd, Kendell James 41st) v Joe Public 1