Thu, Dec


TRENDSETTER HAWKS captured the Elite Under-17 Big 4 title last Wednesday, in the Republic Bank National Youth Football League.

Trendsetter cruised past Petit Valley/Diego Martin United 3-0 in the final, at New Ground, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Antonio Chee-Ting broke the deadlock in the 46th minute and Nathan Guy widened the lead in the 55th. Kaihim Thomas put the game beyond Petit Valley/Diego Martin United’s reach, when he found the back of the net in the 74th. The South Zone ended on Sunday, at Skinner Park in San Fernando, with action in three age groups – Under-11, Under-13 and Under-15.

Now, the attention will switch to the national quarter-finals, which will take place this Saturday at two venues – Constantine Park in Macoya and Bon Accord in Canaan.

Sunday’s Results –

Under-11 Division: POINT FORTIN YOUTH FA (5) – Mickhiye Alexis 13th; Tsean Simon 15th, 45th; Isaiah Lawrence 25th; Jelani Scott 40th vs TINY MIKES FC (1) – Jordan Bernard 15th; MORUGA FC (3) – Jayden Lopez 16th, 33rd, 43rd vs SAN FERNANDO SA (0); MARABELLA FCC (4) – Dejosiah Cyrus 21st; Samuel Balfour 29th; Macario Morton 35th; Gianluca Bailey 45th vs BRICKHOUSE SPORTS (1) – Makeial Bullock 29th; GASPARILLO YOUTHS (7) – Jahmel Alexander 2nd; Malik Young 8th, 22nd, 36th, 41st; Armani Williams 43rd; Gabriel Alexis 45th vs POINT FORTIN YOUTH FA (1) – Andel Gabriel 13th; PRINCES TOWN SF (2) – Terrell Rawlins; Nyree Pilgrim vs SAN FERNANDO SA (0); BRICKHOUSE SPORTS (6) – Josiah Simons 1st, 9th, 11th; Makeial Bullock 8th; Riley Dhalai 25th; Jeremiah Daniel 33rd vs TINY MIKES FC (2) – Jamal McDowell 30th, 35th.

Under-13 Division: GIVING BACK SC (0) vs SAN FERNANDO SA (0); POINT FORTIN YOUTH FA (3) – Josiah Ochoa 14th; Isaiah Jacob 47th; Khaleel Lawrence 54th vs MAYO YOUTHS (0); PRINCES TOWN SF (1) – Veron Gomes 18th vs DARIUS COACHING SCHOOL (1) – Tequan Gobin 36th; GIVING BACK SC (0) vs POINT FORTIN YOUTH FA (0); DARIUS COACHING SCHOOL (2) – Tequan Gobin 5th; Justin Roach 38th vs TINY MIKES FC (1) – Cedric Charles 50th.

Under-15 Division: PLEASANTVILLE SECONDARY (2) – Diego Ramkissoon 30th; Ronaldo Beharry 50th vs GIVING BACK SC (0).

Quarter-final schedule –

Under-11 Division: Pro Series vs Febeau Government; SKHY FC vs Gasparillo Youths; Marabella Family Crisis Centre vs Trendsetter Hawks I, Macoya, 9 am; Queen’s Park Football Academy vs Jaric Titans, Canaan, 10 am.

Under-13 Division: Point Fortin Youth FA vs Matura Reunited; FC Santa Rosa vs Trendsetter Hawks I; Trendsetter Hawks II vs San Fernando SA, Macoya, 9 am; Giving Back SC vs Jaric Titans, Canaan, 11.20 am.

Under-15 Division: Trendsetter Hawks I vs Trincity Nationals; FC Ginga vs Ste Madeleine Strikers; Giving Back SC vs Santa Cruz United, Macoya, 9 am; RSSR vs Jaric Titans, Canaan, 10 am.