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Warriors’ progression continues with Peruvian lesson

T&T vs Peru“We will come to the point (where we would be) very disappointed with a result like that,” said joint Trinidad and Tobago national head coach Jamaal Shabazz, in the post-game press conference.

“It’s not bad for now. But we have to be more ambitious as a people going forward (from here).”

It seemed a fair summary of last night’s friendly international fixture between Trinidad and Tobago and Peru in front of roughly 4,000 spectators at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

The “Soca Warriors” gave a fair account of themselves and troubled Peru at times but the final 2-0 score did not flatter the South American visitors.

“We are a little disappointed (with the result) but it is a new team,” said Trinidad and Tobago and Stoke City forward Kenwyne Jones. “We’re very happy with what we’re trying to do.”

The Warriors appear to be moving in the right direction but it is a slow process. Perhaps this is the way it is supposed to be.

Shabazz remarked after the game that he could not tell the difference between local and foreign-based players in “red, white and black” tonight.

It was meant to be a compliment for the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League players like Defence Force winger Kevon Carter, Neal & Massy Caledonia AIA midfielder Ataullah Guerra and DIRECTV W Connection central defender Daneil Cyrus, who all gave commanding performances.

But it must be acknowledged too that Trinidad and Tobago can no longer simply inject Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy into the squad to mask its deficiencies.

There are no more supposed saviours in the FIFA and CONCACAF offices either to arrange fixtures with bidding nations or do whatever else might have been done behind closed doors.

There are just a bunch of young men with varying gifts led by an enthusiastic and bold but relatively inexperienced coaching trio who are all working hard to create something memorable for Trinidad and Tobago.

At the Caribbean Cup finals in Antigua, the Warriors progressed through collectivity and grit. Last night, the Warriors gave the first indication, albeit in flashes, that they had more to offer.

Guerra’s poise and bravery in possession and Carter’s electrifying pace drew the most cheers. But it was the axis of central defenders Carlyle Mitchell and Cyrus and holding midfielder Khaleem Hyland that arguably shone brightest.

Mitchell, Cyrus and Hyland were like three deep-lying playmakers. They shuffled the ball back and forth, worked wall passes with their full backs, danced around Peru’s half-hearted offensive press and waited patiently for the right moment to go forward.

“Sometimes we kept the ball and kept the ball when we could have gone forward,” said Shabazz, who suggested that his defensive trio had over-indulged at times.

Yet, it was within the cagey, opening 20-minute period that the Warriors conjured up their best opportunity.

As the Peruvians were drawn forward in an attempt to steal possession, the ball was shuttled forward to Guerra who stepped inside one defender and lowered his left shoulder but lengthened his stride in the other direction to glide past another.

Jones made an angled run to his left and Guerra slipped the ball perfectly into his stride in Peru’s penalty box.

The big striker had time and space but he opened his body and tried to hit the ball first time and connected with only fresh air.

The Trinidad and Tobago supporters were in uproar.

It is hard to understand the influence of supporters unless you attend a game in a more traditional football nation.

In Spain, fans often cheer at five-yard sideways passes, which play a vital role in the subsequent attack. British crowds support effort, which will reap dividends over the course of 90 minutes.

Trinidad and Tobago patrons generally applaud only when something interesting appears to be happening like the dribbles, long forward passes or efforts at goal. They acknowledge the frills and the end result but often ignore the building process.

Did the roar from the local supporters prompt the Warriors to go forward quicker? Or was it the glimpse of Peru’s vulnerability under attack?

Either way, Guerra’s solo excursion did not set the tone for a period of dominance. The effect was, arguably, the opposite.

Jones seemed to be struggling to keep his footing or being crowded out while Guerra, the most advanced of the three central midfielders, lacks the upper body strength to play with his back to an opponent. So Trinidad and Tobago’s efforts at quicker attacks led, for the most part, to a more rapid turnover of possession.

And, unsurprisingly, the more fluent and experienced Peru team took advantage of the opened game in the 29th minute.

Mitchell could only head a left side cross as far as Jefferson Farfan, on the edge of the area, who crashed a powerful low volley goalward. Trinidad and Tobago custodian Marvin Phillip fended away his effort but only in the path of Peru captain and Bayern Munich employee Claudio Pizarro who made no mistake from close range.

Four minutes later, Peru nearly doubled its advantage but for a flying save from Phillip, who pushed a Rinaldo Cruzado effort over the bar.

Trinidad and Tobago regained composure and made a strong start to the second half with Carter taking turns in tormenting either full back. But Peru, who held a Lionel Messi-inspired Argentina team to a 1-1 draw last September, knows how to bend without breaking and there were no more clear scoring opportunities for the host team.

Both teams used seven substitutes in the second half, which affected the game’s flow for the final 30 minutes. Trinidad and Tobago suffered most for the personnel changes and was punished for an inability to keep the ball in the final 10 minutes.

Cruzado, who gave a classy performance in central midfield, drifted past a half-hearted challenge before rifling a clinical 20-yard drive past substitute goalkeeper and North East Stars captain Cleon John in the 86th minute.

Substitute Andre Carrillo should have notched a third, two minutes later, but skied a straightforward opportunity from inside the area after being teed up by Corinthians striker Paolo Guerrero.

Peru settled for a 2-0 triumph at the final whistle, which snapped a run of four games without a win.

The Warriors had less tangible evidence of their night’s work but they had reason for optimism as well.

Carter and Guerra’s positive showing should provide impetus and a gauge for aspiring Pro League players, although both can still improve their final ball. Jones was mobile, committed and a handful in the air though he missed his one chance and there was a lack of variety in the aerial service to him.

Elsewhere, Sheldon Bateau and Carlos Edwards fitted in seamlessly at left and right back respectively while Roberts and Theobald were also solid without necessarily distinguishing themselves. Bateau might have had the toughest challenge against the fleet-footed Schalke winger Jefferson Farfan but generally coped well.

“It is a work in progress,” said co-head coach Hutson Charles, after the match.

The triangle of Cyrus, Mitchell and Hyland looked closer to the finished product, though. They played in defensive positions but their poise, patience and vigilance set the platform for Trinidad and Tobago’s offense.

It might not be enough to get excited about but there was surely enough to provoke encouragement.

“We have been on a downward spiral since 2008,” said Jones. “Now we’re trying to rebuild.”

There are unlikely to be any quick fixes this time. But the glimpses of patient, thoughtful play last night suggested that Trinidad and Tobago’s foundation is well on its way.


T&T 0 v Peru 2
;    (Claudio Pizarro 29, Rinaldo Cruzado 87).


Trinidad and Tobago: 1.Marvin Phillip (21.Cleon John 73rd); 11.Carlos Edwards (2nd vice-capt), 17.Daneil Cyrus (6.Kareem Moses 83rd), 19.Carlyle Mitchell, 4.Sheldon Bateau; 8.Khaleem Hyland (13.Curtis Gonzales 73rd); 12.Darryl Roberts (2.Aubrey David 63rd), 18.Densill Theobald (capt) (14.Keyon Edwards 68th), 7.Ataullah Guerra, 15.Kevon Carter (16.Jemel Sebro 76th); 9.Kenwyne Jones (vice-capt) (10.Devorn Jorsling 73rd).

Coach: - Hutson Charles/ Jamaal Shabazz.

Peru: - 1.Raul Fernandez (12.Diego Penny 46th); 13.Renzo Revoredo (23.Roberto Guizasola 46th), 5.Carlos Zambrano, 2.Alberto Rodriguez (15.Christian Ramos 43rd), 19.Yoshimar Yuton; 17.Carlos Lobaton (Yellow 70) (22.Edwin Retamoso 73rd); 10.Jefferson Farfan (16.Juan Marino 60th), 8.Rinaldo Cruzado, 20.Luis Ramirez, 24.Junior Ross (9.Paolo Guerrero (vice capt) 46), 14.Claudio Pizarro (capt) (18.Andre Carrillo 60th).

Unused substitutes: 4.Aurelio Saco-Vertiz, 25.Alfredo Rojas.

Coach: - Serio Markarian.

Referee: - Adrian Skeete (Barbados).

Attendance: - 4,500.

Venue: - Ato Boldon Stadium.

Peru stop Soca Warriors 2-0.
By Ian Prescott (Express).

There were enough good signs to indicate the possibility of a good Trinidad and Tobago showing at this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup, despite the Soca Warriors falling to a 2-0 defeat against Peru in Wednesday night's friendly international at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva.

Preparing for an upcoming World Cup qualifier against Chile, Peru brought their best team, and also a turnout of just over 4,000 fans to Couva. Afterwards, Peru coach Sergio Markarian said the match presented a good opportunity to get his team prepared for an upcoming World Cup qualifier against Chile, and gave him the opportunity to look at several players in a competitive setting.

The decisive moment came 30 minutes into the match, when Peru's Bayern Munich striker Claudio Pizzarro put in a rebound from four metres, after T&T goalie Marvin Phillip initially charged down a 22-metre stinger from Schalke midfielder Jefferson Farfan.

Italy-based Chievo midfielder Rinaldo Cruzado then added a second for Peru in the 88th, when cutting inside and finding the back post with a curling shot from 20 metres, at a point in the match where the teams had already made five substitutions apiece.

The Soca Warriors also produced a couple scoring chances. The best of them saw Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones, who did not have the best of matches, missing a chance to give T&T the lead in the 18th minute. Swinging wildly and striking only wind, Jones fell down clumsily after failing to connect with Atualla Guerra's reverse pass, which put him clear with just Peru keeper Raul Fernandez to beat.

As the first half closed, Defence Force winger Kevon Carter set up Belgium-based Khaleem Hyland for a shot atop the penalty area which Peru's goalkeeper awkwardly fended off, while pacey wide midfielder Carter almost capped a powerful performance with a goal during a period of sustained early second half T&T pressure on the Peru goal. Penetrating through the right, Carter had a stab at goal, which was cleared off the goal-line.

Afterwards, co-Trinidad and Tobago head coaches Hutson Charles and Jamaal Shabazz both described the Soca Warriors' showing as positive, but a work in progress.

Returning to the T&T squad after a couple years were Jones, Ipswich City defender Carlos Edwards, Darryl Roberts and Hyland. The T&T coaches also gave Belgium-based former National Under-23 captain Sheldon Bateau his senior team debut, while North East Stars keeper Cleon John and Defence Force midfielder Jemel Sebro were among five second half changes.

Several of the local players stepped up big time. Winger Carter was powerful and penetrative, while Guerra looked a touch of class at times. Hyland, Daneil Cyrus, Edwards and Carlyle Mitchell also put in solid shifts. Shabazz's impression was that there was little difference between the local and foreign-based T&T players.

"I thought it was a work in progress. The game tonight answered a couple of questions for us in terms of the team and the work we have to do going forward," said Shabazz. "We had two days, but we did a lot of work to keep the team compact and keep the shape in defence, to try not to give a lot of space behind and to try and keep the ball, and I thought on both counts we achieved that.

Sometimes, too much. Sometimes, we kept the ball and kept the ball and kept the ball, when we could have tried penetration. Generally, I thought the objective, except for the result, was met."

"I too am satisfied, to the point where we see where we're at and what we have to do as we aim towards preparation for the Gold Cup," said Charles. "The high point is that we kept the ball and we worked to our plan. That is something we worked on in training."

1.Subbed outMarvin Phillip
 Subbed in 72' Cleon John
4.Sheldon Bateau
17.Subbed outDaneil Cyrus
 Subbed in 82' Kareem Moses
19.Carlyle Mitchell
15.Subbed outKevon Carter
 Subbed in 76' Jemel Sebro
11.Carlos Edwards
7.Ataulla Guerra
8.Subbed outKhaleem Hyland
 Subbed in 72' Curtis Gonzales
18.Subbed outDensill Theobald (capt.)
 Subbed in 70' Keyon Edwards
9.Subbed outKenwyne Jones
 Subbed in 72' Devorn Jorsling
12.Subbed outDarryl Roberts
 Subbed in 64' Aubrey David
21.Cleon John
63.Aubrey David
13.Curtis Gonzales
6.Kareem Moses
14.Keyon Edwards
16.Jemel Sebro
10.Devorn Jorsling
 Hutson Charles
64'Subbed outSubbed inAubrey David for Darryl Roberts
70'Subbed outSubbed inKeyon Edwards for Densill Theobald
72'Subbed outSubbed inCurtis Gonzales for Khaleem Hyland
72'Subbed outSubbed inDevorn Jorsling for Kenwyne Jones
72'Subbed outSubbed inCleon John for Marvin Phillip
76'Subbed outSubbed inJemel Sebro for Kevon Carter
82'Subbed outSubbed inKareem Moses for Daneil Cyrus