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Player Directory


Player Nickname Position Date of Birth Active
Cabral, Dave F No
Caesar, Trevin F 1989-04-26 Yes
Carpette, Leon Nabb M 1950-04-10 No
Carr, Daniel Dan F 1994-05-29 Yes
Carr, Paul F No
Carrington, Reynold Hippo D 1970-01-27 No
Carter, Earl Spiderman GK 1955-12-20 No
Carter, Kevon M 1983-11-14 No
Caseman, Devon M 1981-07-07 No
Cato, Cordell M 1992-07-15 Yes
Cave, Wilfred Bound to Score F 1948-05-23 No
Cayonne, Marlon M 1976-12-20 No
Celestine, Michael M 1981-03-23 Yes
Chambers, George Joffre M 1915-11-09 No
Charleau, Delbert M 1925-01-26 No
Charles, Ahamad M 1916-04-18 No
Charles, Alfred King Charles D 1909-07-11 No
Charles, Chris Mad Max D 1968-03-06 No
Charles, David Conan D 1977-08-29 No
Charles, Hutson Baba F 1965-09-16 No