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The TTFA/Nu Iron Primary Schools nationwide project will resume on Wednesday February 21st with sessions at eight venues across the country starting at 10am and running until midday.

Following the first couple weeks, TTFA Technical Director Anton Corneal has described the response from the participants as encouraging with more schools requesting permission to be part of the activities.

Sessions have been held and will continue at such locations on Wednesday – Eddie Hart Grounds for St George East; Nelson Mandela Park 3 for Port of Spain and Environs; St Mary’s Government School for South Eastern; Palo Seco Velodrome for St Patrick; Montgomery for Tobago; Woodford Lodge, Chaguanas for Caroni district; TML Grounds, Farah Street in San Fernando for Victoria and Ojoe Road Recreation Ground in Sangre Grande for the North Eastern district.

“The numbers have grown since we started and that is an encouraging sign because it shows that there is an interest among the kids and the schools,” Corneal told TTFA Media.

“We have new schools asking every week to be part of the programme and we are hoping to grow from a 1000 kids at the eight venues on a weekly basis to 2,000 by the time we continue next term following the easter vacation. There’s been a lot of enthusiasm from the kids and good support from the schools,” Corneal said.

“Again this about introducing the kids to the basics of the game and getting them into a habit of wanting to play and enjoy the game. It’s really about us taking the game to them and if everytime we show up at the venues on a Wednesday we can see excitement on their faces and a desire to be involved then we can see this as a positive start on which we can continue to build on,” Corneal added

The Project is being hosted by the TTFA in conjunction with titled sponsor Nu-Iron and the Ministry of Education and is titled “Investing in our Youth. Kickstarting their Development.”

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