Wed, Aug


Clyde LeonTrinidad and Tobago Men’s Senior Team request to draft midfielders Clyde Leon and Jason Marcano into the squad ahead of Friday’s Caribbean Cup semi-final round in Antigua has been denied.

It is understood that the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) denied the Warriors request based on competition rules.

On Friday Haiti meets Cuba in semi-final one followed by Martinique against T&T in semi-final two at the Antigua Recreational Ground. The Final will be contested on Sunday.

Leon, of DIRECTV W Connection, and Marcano, of St. Ann’s Rangers, were re-called as replacements for injured players Hughtun Hector and Lester Peltier.

According to a release on the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation website yesterday, the CFU was notified of the T&T’s intentions to draft in two new players but up to late Wednesday, and team manager William Wallace was awaiting final permission for the change to be made before the players leave for Antigua.

“We have made arrangements for both players to come into the squad and we are just awaiting some final confirmation before the players actually get here,” Wallace said.

Leon was part of the team for the first four games in the qualifying series last month in Tobago.

“I think we have two players who can come in as decent enough replacements for the two injured guys,” said Charles on Wednesday.

“We had three matches inside a week and so it's important that we have men who we can rely on in the event that some of our players begin to feel the pressures on their bodies going into these last two match days,” ended the T&T co-head coach.