Thu, May

Carlos: WeÂ’ve made good stride. (Photo: TTFA Media)

T&T midfielder Carlos Edwards made his 88th appearance in international football for this country in last Tuesday’s 2-0 victory over Jamaica.

And quite naturally, he has his sights on reaching the 100th milestone and he intends to make himself available for future selection as he believes the national team is on the right track.

Edwards and Densill Theobald are the two most-capped players currently wearing national colours with the latter just two games away from making his 100th appearance with Kenwyne Jones on 61 and Cornell Glen at 68.

Edwards summed up 2013 as a progressive year for the national team and by extension the T&T Football Association (TTFA). “I think it’s been a relatively good year for us, certainly better than the years that followed our 2006 World Cup campaign.

We made it to the Gold Cup and we gave a decent showing and we played quite a few warm up matches during the year which allowed us to be showcased on the international stage in places like Romania and Saudi Arabia. Coach Hart has the team in a good position at the moment and we can only build from here” Edwards said.

“I want to see more of it, but there has to be a collective effort. We need everyone on board. There have been obstacles along the way, but I thought the players have dealt with it well and the TTFA president Mr Tim Kee has stepped in to give some assurances and to keep the program running, which is commendable on his part.”

Edwards has been through it all as a national player from the youth to the senior level, from trying to satisfying and gratifying times. The Ipswich Town player pointed out that the Ministry of Sport deserved credit for standing by the TTFA and the national team.

“We all know the situation at the moment. The financial situation is not the best. I think as players, with me having been through a lot of years in the game with the national team, that more should be afforded to the players and even the staff, but this is what it is now and we’re working with it.

The Association has still been able to pull through and we’ve been able to keep playing, but I would like to see more happening… more support for the Association and the national teams.”

Edwards made reference to Sport Minister Anil Roberts and his role. “I think Minister Roberts has a very good understanding of what it takes and that is a plus without a doubt. He knows it’s not just about football but about all sports.

But he also knows that football is at the top of the pecking order and to be fair he’s been trying to do his part from what I’ve been hearing, but we know the pressures that comes with all of this.

“I hope and maybe, I should say, I expect he will do his best to ensure the necessary support is given if it is that we are to realise the dream of qualifying for another World Cup and doing well on the international stage with the right preparations.”