Wed, May


It was not only because of his assertiveness on the field. Akeem Adams left us with the feeling that he was not prepared to throw in the towel, despite his sudden ailment.

It was the year 2005 that I first had a look at this six foot defender, soon after he had won the support of the technical staff of our National Under-17 squad which was selected to begin the long haul to reach FIFA World Cup U-17 finals in Korea. I was actually stunned when I found out that he was just 15 years old.

Amidst a talented bunch of youngsters, Akeem had the build, the strength, and the attitude which would fit into the international scene.

The young giant from Point Fortin often carried a beaming smile as he walked past anyone who cast their eyes upon him as he passed by.

Having followed that youth team from 2005 through to 2009 with close to 30 youth International matches in different parts of South America and Europe, then World Cup finals in South Korea and Egypt, the border between potential and maturity in Akeem’s performance level closed rapidly.

Maybe a little short on positional play at left wing back, but his recovery into the correct position was swift, especially as he had been as fit as nails.

My friend Francisco Maturana, in his capacity as national coach of T&T, sought an opinion on the youngster after he had seen him once in a local match. Sharing my point of view with the experienced Columbian master coach, he immediately acclaimed that Akeem will one day be a star.

Today, Francisco must be very sad to hear of his passing, especially as he once tried to have him travel to Columbia to a club team.

Unfortunately for Akeem and his bereaved family, the enormous battle which he fought from September to the end of December, was perfect evidence of an individual whose aim for success was absolute.

Those who followed his career will be saddened by his loss, and we may now never know where his extraordinary talent would have taken him.

The confidence which his family placed in the hands of the Lord is probably similar to the spiritual principles of Akeem himself.

As a former sportsman and an admirer of Akeem Adams, my prayers will go out to those whose hearts are burdened with love for the young man.

Yes, he will be remembered, not only for his ability to play the game, but for his beaming smile, his honest efforts to perform at all times, and his extreme desire to serve his country with pride.

Rest peacefully, my friend. Our God is fully in charge.