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T&T senior player Trevin Caesar added some zest to the team’s attack when he entered play in the second half of this country’s 2-0 loss to Iran in Sao Paulo last Sunday. The former Under-23 player, now a member of North East Stars said he took in everything possible during the last two weeks as he seeks to improve his conditions for international football.

“It was a great learning experience and a wonderful feeling being so close and observing players like Lionel Messi and (Angel) Di Maria. I did not play against Argentina but I saw everything from the bench and there was a lot happening,” said Caesar, one of the newer additions to the national team.

He mentioned that the T&T team is a work in progress and he intends to give Stephen Hart his all as they look ahead to the Caribbean Cup and Gold Cup campaigns later this year.

“We have to keep growing as a team and these kind of games plays a big part.

“I felt really good on the pitch against Iran. I ran at those guys to see how good they are and how good I could be against them. I need to work on staying more composed and taking my opportunities when they come. I have to stay focused for long times and keep building myself as a player for international football.”