Sat, Jul


“Never forget where you’ve been and never lose sight of where you’re going.”

There’s that old saying which never gets old. And it’s one of them that former T&T great Russell Latapy never forgets. The former T&T head coach made reference to the high points of the 2005/2006 World Cup qualification while in Port of Spain last week. 

A day after the 10-year anniversary of T&T’s 1-0 victory over Bahrain to qualify for Germany 2006, Latapy said he would often turn back the clock when he needed inspiration. Of course, he would have had many outstanding moments in his career but the win in Bahrain certainly stands out.

“It’s definitely one of the highlights of my playing career. Everyone saw what it did for the country with the joy that everybody had. And these are the experiences that you call upon in hard times and these are the experiences that you want to experience again. I would very much like to achieve something like this as a coach. It drives me on and drives me forward to keep going,” Latapy said.

“After qualifying for 2006, we should have never gotten to a place this dark in our football history. We are a small nation but the reality is we did. Again, with the President (Raymond Tim Kee) and the Minister (Darryl Smith) and the way they are operating, I’ve had conversations with them and I must say that they’ve been very true to their word and that is a very positive sign. It is also a sign that everyone is pushing in the same direction which is forward. There are some other steps the association has taken which hopefully will raise the levels in various aspects.”